The Specialists • Turkey

The Specialists • Turkey

3 Episodes

This series highlights individuals who have mastered a craft to a point that it has become part of their DNA.

The Specialists • Turkey
  • Ernie Calandrelli • Making a Wing Bone Call

    Episode 1

    Ernie Calandrelli is a 40-year veteran of the outdoors. He goes through the step-by-step process of how he makes a wing bone turkey call, starting with taking a turkey. “The Specialists” reveals the dedication and knowledge that goes into becoming the best in various crafts.

  • Josh Grossenbacher • Diaphragm Calls

    Episode 2

    Champion Turkey Caller and Mossy Oak ProStaffer Josh Grossenbacher specializes in making diaphragm turkey calls for Zink Calls. He finds great satisfaction in making a product to help others be successful in the turkey woods.

  • William Lester • The Specialists

    Episode 3

    William Lester goes through his trumpet call process.