The Process

The Process

4 Episodes

For Jeff and David Lindsey of The Lindsey Way, whitetail management is a year around process. Join in as they show you some of their tactics and management practices that they implement on their farms. From food plots, to hunting strategy, it’s a never ending process that changes from state to state.

The Process
  • A New Start • The Process

    Episode 1

    The early spring is an important time in the whitetail woods for off-season land management practices. Jeff and David Lindsey explain what is happening during this time of year to help their farms reach their full potential.

  • The Plan • The Process

    Episode 2

    Planting season is the time when your planning for the fall months. This is one of the most crucial times on the Lindsey farms and when the food gets planted in strategic ways and locations. Get a behind the scenes look at how they are planning their fall strategy in the spring months.

  • The Summer Grind • The Process

    Episode 3

    Drought has plagued the farm this summer and Jeff and David Lindsey are putting in extra work to keep their deer healthy.

  • Final Preparations • The Process

    Episode 4

    As the summer pictures of bucks are now coming in, the strategy of fall food plots is in full swing. Jeff and David Lindsey explain their plan for fall plots and also how they are getting inventory of their bucks this time of year in different states.