The Obsessed • Turkey

The Obsessed • Turkey

16 Episodes

The Obsession for turkey resides in so many of us at Mossy Oak. From opening day in Florida to our last trip in Wyoming and plenty of days in between at home, we're chasing turkeys all spring.

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The Obsessed • Turkey
  • Cypress Swamp Osceolas • Turkey Hunting in the Florida Marsh

    Dustin “Shed” Whitacre and Neill Haas head to south Florida to hunt Osceolas in the swamp. Mossy Oak’s Obsession was founded on turkey hunting, and turkey hunting is why Mossy Oak exists. Watch as these guys chase their obsession.

  • Alabama Bottomland • Southern Turkey Hunting

    Toxey Haas, Daniel Haas, Neill Haas and Chris Paradise chase Alabama Eastern wild turkeys on opening day. Learn more about Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, Bottomland.

  • Rio Round Up • South Texas Turkey Hunting

    This episode of The Obsessed takes us to west Texas during the first week of Mossy Oak's annual Rio Roundup.

  • Kentucky Thunder • Southeast Kentucky Turkey Hunting

    In association with the National Wild Turkey Federation, this episode features Walt Gabbard, videographer for Mossy Oak and Josh Grossenbacher, Mossy Oak ProStaffer and turkey calling champion. A Kentucky hunt for Eastern wild turkeys gets intense when a gobbler comes incredibly close to the hunter.

  • Black Hills Magic • Wyoming Turkey Hunting

    The final episode of The Obsessed from the 2017 turkey season takes us out west to the Black Hills of Wyoming chasing Merriam's.

  • Jason Hart and the Tenth Legion

    “The Obsessed” web series features NOMAD Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales, Jason Hart, as he starts off his 2018 turkey season pursuing Osceola turkeys.

    Since the age of 17, Jason Hart has been obsessed with hunting wild turkeys. After his first successful turkey hunt, he knew it woul...

  • Turkey Superstition • Bill Sugg

    This episode of The Obsessed is all about the obsession and superstition of Mossy Oak President Bill Sugg as we dive into his heart and mind and follow him on a turkey hunt in Florida.

  • Barry Bales • The Obsessed

    Hear the song of the man behind the music and learn what drives the Obsession of Barry Bales, a Tennessee boy whose heart strings tie him to the land he loves.

  • Texas Turkey with Tommy T

    This episode of The Obsessed takes a look at Mossy Oak’s own, Tommy Tormohlen, as he takes us back to where his career at Mossy Oak started, The Rio Round Up in Texas.

  • Will Primos • The Obsessed

    Will Primos and Cuz Strickland reunite on the 30th anniversary of the TRUTH Series and talk about their obsession with the wild turkey.

  • Will Dixon · The Son of Bob Dixon · The Obsessed

    Today is the late Bob Dixon’s birthday, and we’re proud to present one of our most special features of The Obsessed to date. Bob’s son Will has carried on his legacy - one that’s as important as any to the history of Mossy Oak.

  • Mark Drury • Calling Chess Match

    Episode 12

    Mark Drury tells how his obsession with turkey hunting came to be, as well as how it continues to challenge him to this day.

  • David Hawley • Hunting Legacy

    In this episode of the Obsessed, we follow life-long turkey hunter, David Hawley, as we dive into his obsession with the wild turkey that has lasted generations.

  • Toxey Haas • Bottomland Beginnings

    In this episode of the Obsessed, we follow Mossy Oak founder, Toxey Haas, as we dive into how one man’s obsession with the wild turkey created one of the most recognized brands in the outdoor industry.

  • Chris Paradise • Family & Feathers

    Chris Paradise shares the obsession he has with enjoying the outdoors with his family.

  • Cuz Strickland • It Becomes Who You Are

    Cuz Strickland recounts how he became obsessed with the wild turkey and where that obsession has led his life.