The Lure

The Lure

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From the wind in your face on the first run of the day to the electric charge of the first fish on the line, time on the water about nobody's business but our own pulls us toward the weekend all week long. From the biggest reservoir to the smallest stream, the attraction of peace and quiet in the background with adrenaline waiting just down the line fuels our obsession like nothing else. Welcome to the place where small things matter and big worries lie far away, where time stands still, where friendships may never change, but the baits sure do. Welcome to The Lure.

The Lure
  • Lake El Salto • The Lure

    In this episode of our all-new series, The Lure, we follow Mossy Oak’s Jon Tatum and Ben Maki on an afternoon outing on one of the most famous bass lakes in the world, Lake El Salto.

  • Gone Fishing on a Friday at Pickwick Lake • The Lure

    What's your perfect Friday? For Mossy Oak's Jon Tatum, it's fishing with his friend Mitch Harrison on Pickwick Lake. Come, join them as they reward a hard work week with some fantastic fishing.

  • It's a Shark! • The Lure

    Every outdoor activity can be made that much more special by bringing your family. Catfishing is no exception. Join Jon Tatum as he and his son Trace, go after monster catfish on Pickwick lake. Trace's excitement is contagious!