The Lindsey Way: Real Time

The Lindsey Way: Real Time

5 Episodes

Jeff and David Lindsey, a father-son duo spend countless hours outdoors chasing big game and waterfowl throughout the country in many different states. The Lindsey Way Real Time brings you these hunts in a semi-live format all throughout the year so that you can follow along with their adventures as they happen in “Real Time”!

The Lindsey Way: Real Time
  • Jeff’s Georgia Brute • The Lindsey Way Real Time

    Episode 1

    The early season can provide its challenges in the hot Georgia heat. But after a long week of hunting, Jeff Lindsey finally gets up close and personal with a big mature buck back in the Georgia pines.

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  • The Lindsey Way’s First Ever Hunt Giveaway Winner! • The Lindsey Way Real Time

    Episode 2

    Chad Mirandy was the lucky winner of The Lindsey Way’s first ever hunt giveaway winner. He was coming to Pike County, Illinois to hunt with Jeff and David on his first ever Illinois deer hunt. On his first morning, within the first hour, a big mature buck slips up and Chad makes his opportunity c...

  • Iowa - David Lindsey - Iowa Rut Giant • Lindsey Way Real Time

    Episode 3

    Coming into the 2021 season, David Lindsey has his eyes set on a big Iowa 5.5-year-old buck that he knows very well. With three years of history with this deer, he is trying to put together the final puzzle pieces to cross paths with this mature Iowa brute. After multiple encounters and several c...

  • Iowa Rut • Jeff’s Timber Giant • The Lindsey Way Real Time

    Episode 4

    Jeff Lindsey is in Iowa hunting the peak of the rut. A deer that he calls “Jasmy” has been frequenting a particular spot on the farm and he gets aggressive to try and get a chance at this giant Iowa buck! After several close calls, he finally gets his opportunity midday on a beautiful Timber ridg...

  • Illinois • Last Minute Luck • The Lindsey Way Real Time

    Episode 5

    David Lindsey has hunted hard in Illinois during bow season and now the three-day gun season. With unseasonably warm temperatures, things weren’t looking promising until the last morning he finally catches a mature Pike County buck up on his feet refreshing scrapes after a rain. After having an e...