The Hunger

The Hunger

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A modern hunter’s greatest trophy is wild meat. Protein sustains our existence, and those of us who choose to procure our next meal from the outdoors have the greatest respect for the resources we’ve been given. Josh Dahlke learned how to put a knife to work on his family’s 100-year-old farm in central Minnesota, and now he travels the world to slice through the layers of what it means to be a hunter. #theHUNGER

The Hunger
  • Bear Realities Idaho • The Hunger

    Episode 1

    We feed THE HUNGER and hunt for black bears in the steep, rugged mountains of west-central Idaho. Black bears and other apex predators remain a focal point of anti-hunting organizations, but those of us who hunt these animals have the greatest respect for them.

  • Alaska • The Hunger

    Episode 2

    In every hunter lies the spirit of a pioneer. We hunt not just for flesh or bone, but because our propensity for exploration is insatiable. We prefer to take the road less traveled, but with each passing generation that road becomes more difficult to find. And that’s why we’re drawn to Alaska—a p...

  • Boot Leather & Bucks • The Hunger

    Episode 3

    Hunting deer on public land—especially during opening week—can be one of the greatest challenges a big-game hunter will ever encounter. This mule deer hunt in Wyoming was a prime example: intense hunting pressure, unseasonable weather, property boundaries, and mostly nocturnal bucks made it extre...

  • Yucatan Turkey • The Hunger

    Episode 4

    For most hunters, chasing the World Slam of wild turkeys ends with the pursuit of Ocellated turkeys in southern Mexico. The Hunger crew travels to the Yucatan Peninsula to hunt “jungle turkeys” and explores the vibrant culture of this unique region.

  • Africa • The Hunger

    Episode 5

    Experts believe Africa is where hunting originated, yet today Africa is a hotbed of hunting controversy. But how could hunting and eating meat in Africa ever have gotten so complicated? THE HUNGER brings us to South Africa where we explore this question during a rewarding hunt for plains game.

  • Pine Ridge Deer • The Hunger

    Episode 6

    Millions of us use deer hunting as a gateway to adventures, experiences and memories that cannot be replaced. But deer hunting isn’t just about you or me. It’s the primary fuel source for an economic, political and biological machine that drives all of wildlife conservation in America. Join the H...