The Fire

The Fire

4 Episodes

For turkey hunters who live at the very heart of our obsession, who spend all their hours away from the woods dreaming of going back, whose temperatures simply run hotter in the spring, Mossy Oak's "The Fire" brings advanced strategy, in-depth detail and up-close encounters guaranteed to make anyone's flames burn brighter.

The Fire
  • The Fire • Episode 1 • Florida

    Episode 1

    Follow Mossy Oak's Ben Maki and Dustin Whitacre to south Florida, where spring's warm days kick the coals of turkey hunting's fire right back into blaze. See their strategies for opening day and watch their results unfold on Mossy Oak GO's newest series.

  • The Fire • Episode 2 • Wyoming

    Episode 2

    Follow Rusty McDaniels and Jeff Shelby as their fire leads them to a land of ice and snow. Merriam's gobblers strutting through a white Wyoming springtime kindle a blaze that never dies, and our two hunters find their obsession for turkey hunting as hot as it's ever been.

  • The Fire • Episode 3 • Georgia

    Episode 3

    Neill and Daniel Haas, along with Hunter Hawley, Riley Payne and their friends from Georgia try their luck in the spring woods on a weekend unlike any other.

  • The Fire • Episode 4 • Missouri

    Episode 4

    Jon Tatum's fire blazes high in Missouri, hunting hard just ahead of some wild Midwestern weather.