The Drip

The Drip

3 Episodes

“THE DRIP” is an energetic new trout fishing series from Skinny Trout Collaborative. Join the Skinny Trout crew as they pound gorgeous pockets of pristine water for trout of all varieties. Spin, fly, big fish, small fish … details don’t matter: It’s all about the trout.

The Drip
  • Episode 1 • The Drip

    Episode 1

    It’s early June. As temperatures rise in the Driftless Area, the streambank jungle is growing at an alarming pace, and gnats and mosquitoes are coming out in full force. That won’t stop the Skinny Trout crew from finding new streams and new stretches full of trout promise. This adventure brings u...

  • Episode 2 • The Drip

    Episode 2

    After two promising streams turn up nothing more than bug bites and only a couple of hard-won trout, THE DRIP delivers redemption when the Skinny Trout crew finds a productive stream on their third swing. Tossing flies and spinners, they finally get back in the game with some gorgeous, hungry bro...

  • Episode 4 • The Drip

    Episode 3

    The North Shore region of Minnesota hosts gorgeous scenery and rugged wilderness trout streams that hold wild brown trout and native brook trout. Brothers Josh and Jake Dahlke make a last-minute summer camping trip to this picturesque area for a low-key weekend of spinning and fly fishing for tro...