8 Episodes

Terra literally means land, and some of most entrancing land to leave your footprints belongs to the western U.S. Keep up with the Mossy Oak Hunting Crew and our friends to see why we love this land of ours.

  • Kevin VanDam • Nebraska Mule Deer • Terra

    Mossy Oak Fishing Team captain Kevin VanDam puts the fishing pole down and picks up a rifle to look for mule deer in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

  • Ben Maki • New Mexico Elk • Terra

    Episode 2

    In our first episode of Terra, Mossy Oak’s Ben Maki packs his muzzleloader and ascends the mountains of New Mexico in search of giant elk.

  • Jake and Shed – Nebraska Pronghorn • Terra

    Episode 3

    Mossy Oak’s Jake Meyer and Shed Whitacre put in the miles on the rolling Nebraska plains hoping to sling an arrow into a pronghorn buck.

  • Ben Maki Colorado Elk • Terra

    Episode 4

    The Western U.S. is so expansive it defies description. Mossy Oak’s Ben Maki takes in a small part looking for elk at Three Forks Ranch in Northwestern Colorado.

  • Rusty McDaniels Colorado Elk • Terra

    Episode 5

    The Western U.S. is a must-go every year for Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels. He takes on the elevation at Three Forks Ranch in Northwestern Colorado in search of giant elk.

  • Austin Musselman Utah Elk • Terra

    Episode 6

    Homegrown Experience's Austin Musselman takes his bow and tags along with Mossy Oak on a hike through Aspen hills in Northern Utah in search of giant elk.

  • Tim Anderson Wyoming Pronghorn • Terra

    Episode 7

    Like so many people, Mossy Oak’s Tim Anderson finds the lands of The West to be awe-inspiring. On his very first antelope hunt, he hopes to scratch a Wyoming pronghorn buck off his bucket list.

  • Jesse Raley New Mexico Elk • Terra

    It’s one thing to see majestic big game on tv. It’s quite another to actually see them in person. Mossy Oak’s Jesse Raley takes his muzzleloader along for his first elk hunting experience in New Mexico, “The Land of the Giants.”