Straight Huntin' • Waterfowl

Straight Huntin' • Waterfowl

8 Episodes

Check out the best Waterfowl episodes of Straight Huntin'

Straight Huntin' • Waterfowl
  • Big Creek Ducks N Bucks • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 1

    Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels and Kevin Tate tie into the waterfowl action in eastern Arkansas. A flooded rice field holding ducks and a dry field drawing geese bring out the best mixed action the season has to offer.

  • KS Waterfowl • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 2

    Hunters embrace single digit temps all in the pursuit of some fantastic waterfowl hunting in this episode of Straight Huntin'.

  • Silverside Slam • Arkansas Ducks And Geese • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 3

    Ducks Unlimited’s Jeremy Smith tags along with Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels, Norman Sneed, and crew to Silverside Outdoors for a slammin shoot of mixed bag ducks and speckle belly geese in Arkansas!

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  • Prairie Sky Duck Club • Waterfowl • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 4

    Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels and Jon Tatum take up an invite to kick off their duck season with new friends in Arkansas.

  • Ohio Ducks • Waterfowl • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 5

    Good weather has finally brought some ducks into Ohio and Mossy Oak's Chris Paradise and our friend Fred Zink are ready to take advantage.

  • Ohio Ducks 2 • Waterfowl • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 6

    Fred Zink, joined by Jeff Finn of the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Russ Terry from Ducks Unlimited, enjoys a couple afternoons in a pit blind on this Northern Ohio waterfowl hunt.

  • Red Rock Ducks • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 7

    Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels and Jon Tatum reunite with old pal Brady Walker, who used to guide hunts featured on Whistling Wings and other series, while connecting with new friends for a unique waterfowl experience in Oklahoma.

  • Kansas Geese in the Snow • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 8

    Mossy Oak's Jeff Shelby takes his old man up to Kansas for a bit of hunting. They go after swarming geese in freezing temperatures--no one ever said waterfowling was for the faint of heart.

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