SPUR Season

SPUR Season

10 Episodes

Chase turkeys along with Woodhaven Pro-staffers/competition callers, Whitetail Edge team members, and other proven SPUR Season teams. We'll follow these teams across the South, up the Midwest, and eventually farther into the North. We also bring timely tips and tactics to help you in the field. We hope you enjoy!

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SPUR Season
  • Osceola Public Land • Episode 1 • SPUR Season

    Episode 1

    In our first episode of Spur Season, we join Simon Ellis on two public land hunts for Osceola long beards. We talk turkey hunting tips and the future of Spur Seaon.

  • Texas Rio • Episode 2 • SPUR Season

    Episode 2

    In the second episode of Spur Season, we join Mike Pentectost of WoodHaven on a few Texas Rio hunts. Ben Rising talks about pre-season scouting.

  • Florida Osceola • Episode 3 • SPUR Season

    Episode 3

    Florida opening weekend with Scott Ellis, Early season feeding patterns.

  • Florida Youth Hunt • Episode 4 • SPUR Season

    Episode 4

    In Episode 4 Rodney Brown harvests his first Osceola turkey. Youth hunter Jacob Ellis keeps his emotions in check on an intense Florida turkey hunt. And Javin Mullet discusses trail cameras for scouting turkeys.

  • Georgia Opener • Episode 5 •SPUR Season

    Episode 5

    In episode 5 we join Mike Chambliss and Buddy Stafford for a succesfull opening day. Ben Rising talks cameras and blinds. Javin Mullet give a turkey cam update and highlights the "fly down cackle" call from the NWTF competition.

  • TN Opener • Episode 6 • SPUR Season

    Episode 6

    In episode 6 we join Justin Daye for the TN opener on a Timber Gobbler. Then catching up with Simon Ellis for another FL public land Osceola.

  • OK-SC-TN • Episode 7 • SPUR Season

    Episode 7

    We start off in OK with Lisa Scroggins of Woodhaven as she connects on a beautiful Rio. Javin Mullet gives a short crash-course of shotgun patterning. Scott Ellis and his crew have an action packed hunting on SC Public. Josh Harris and Justin Daye double up in TN on an old family farm.

  • OH Youth • Episode 8 • SPUR Season

    Episode 8

    Youth hunters Briar and Carter start the season off right. Derrick Campbell connects on his first TN turkey. Javin Mullet discusses decoy placement.

  • OK Double • Episode 9 • SPUR Season

    Episode 9

    We join the Woodhaven Crew in Oklahoma for a text book ninja crawl double. Then we jump in the blind with Ben Rising on a rainy day archery hunt.

  • KS Trio • Episode 10 • SPUR Season

    Episode 10

    Spur Co-owner Mike Chamliss and Justin Daye head to Kansas and fill a few more tags.