SPUR Season

SPUR Season

2 Episodes

Chase turkeys along with Woodhaven Pro-staffers/competition callers, Whitetail Edge team members, and other proven SPUR Season teams. We'll follow these teams across the South, up the Midwest, and eventually farther into the North. We also bring timely tips and tactics to help you in the field. We hope you enjoy!

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SPUR Season
  • Texas Rio • Episode 2 • SPUR Season

    Episode 1

    In the second episode of Spur Season, we join Mike Pentectost of WoodHaven on a few Texas Rio hunts. Ben Rising talks about pre-season scouting.

  • Osceola Public Land • Episode 1 • SPUR Season

    Episode 2

    In our first episode of Spur Season, we join Simon Ellis on two public land hunts for Osceola long beards. We talk turkey hunting tips and the future of Spur Seaon.