Shotgun Shooting Tips

Shotgun Shooting Tips

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Shotgun Shooting Tips
  • Patterning your Shotgun Before Turkey Hunting

    Episode 1

    In order to have success on a turkey hunt, you must pattern your shotgun. Arguably the most important step as a turkey hunter is to know the range and best pattern for killing a turkey. The goal for patterning is to be on target, so sit and use a rest to keep the shotgun steady. Determine a good ...

  • Using a Gun Rest to Pattern a Shotgun for Turkeys

    Episode 2

    Just as you wouldn’t shoot off-hand to sight in a rifle, don’t do it with a shotgun. Use a good, stable rest and know exactly where you want the pattern to hit on the turkey target. Always use ear protection and eye protection when patterning your turkey gun, just as you would any other firearm.

  • What is a Shotgun Choke and What Does it Do?

    Episode 3

    What is a choke? What does a choke do? It’s important to know what a choke is and does for your turkey hunting shotgun. Chokes simply screw into the end of the barrel of your shotgun. They come in a variety of sizes that determine how tight your pattern will be at certain distances. Shotgun patte...

  • What is the Best Gauge Shotgun for Turkey Hunting?

    Episode 4

    The main thing to consider when choosing a shotgun for turkey hunting is confidence. You want to go with a shotgun you’re comfortable shooting with the right choke and load. A 12-gauge may shoot further than a 20-gauge, but the 20-gauge has less recoil. There are several options for shotguns, and...

  • What are the Best Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting?

    Episode 5

    The size and type of turkey load you use is really a personal preference. The main shell sizes are 2 ¾, 3 and 3 ½ inches and the size you use depends on the gun gauge. Lead pellets are the most popular and are available with copper-plating. Tungsten is a new option for turkey loads. It is a heavi...

  • Different Types of Sights Available for Turkey Shotguns

    Episode 6

    There are three basic types of sights for a shotgun. The open sight has a fiber optic front bead with a fiber optic rear trough. Line the front bead up with the rear sight and point it where you want it to go. It’s a very simple and very effective shotgun sight. The red dot sight has a glass reti...

  • Using Turkey Head Targets to Pattern a Shotgun for Turkeys

    Episode 7

    Use an anatomically correct turkey target to practice aiming where to shoot a turkey. Where the skin and feathers meet – or the wattle – is where you want to aim on a turkey. Aim for 20 to 25 pellets in the wattle area. One pellet in the brain or spine will take a turkey down, so the more you hav...