4 Episodes

The best moments of trophy deer hunts compiled into single episodes. Trophy buck on the ground!

  • Hunting Giant Whitetails • Shooters

    Episode 1

    Cold weather is moving across the country, and the rut is near. One of our favorite times of the year has arrived. The thought of a shooter consumes a deer hunter all year long until it culminates to one moment and an opportunity at a shot. We've compiled a series of some of the most memorable Mo...

  • Payday • Shooters

    Episode 2

    A couple of midwestern bow hunts lands two monster bucks on the ground from Rusty McDaniels and Jimmy Riley. Fred Law gets his prize in Alabama, and it's payday once again for Ben Maki in Kentucky.

  • Buck Fever • Shooters

    Episode 3

    When deer season starts as early as September 5 in some states, it may not feel like hunting season. But as soon as you get out there, buck fever hits. All you've prepared for in the off-season is ripe for the taking. Watch these buck hunts to feed your fever. Ben Maki hunts Kentucky, Justin Eaki...

  • Dream Bucks • Shooters

    Episode 4

    Neill Haas and Jody Davis hunt the Deep South and get monster Alabama and Mississippi bucks. Bobby Cole and Justin Eakins hunt north of the border in Saskatchewan and take a couple chocolate-antlered giants.