Seek One

Seek One

3 Seasons

Over a decade ago, we began bow hunting the vast expanse of suburbs around Atlanta, where the search for permission is equally as challenging as the hunt itself. You won't find any outfitters, high fences, or storied private ranches here....just a maze of neighborhoods, commercial properties, and a will to find the next buck of a lifetime.

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Seek One
  • Tops • Seek One

    Episode 1

    In this episode of Suburban Bowhunter, the Georgia state record holder Jay Maxwell makes his debut on camera. Jay has been hunting a deer he named Tops for several years, and is finally able to put a close to the story two weeks into the 2017 season...well at least he thought.

  • Bane II • Seek One

    Episode 2

    The 170" eight pointer known as Bane haunted Lee Ellis for two years. With four years of trial camera pictures, two seasons hunting, over sixty sits in the stand, seven encounters, and two missed opportunities, the hunt for Bane is the type of story that we love to tell. We show it all in this tw...

  • Zeus I • Seek One

    Episode 3

    Early in 2014, Lee was shown a trail camera photo of a massive buck that was rumored to live in the suburbs of Atlanta. After two years of searching, Lee located the buck and the hunt for Zeus began. Part one of a four part series, this episode documents the final few weeks of the 2016 season.

  • Bane III • Seek One

    Episode 4

    The final chapter of the hunt for Bane, part 2 of 2. In this episode Lee Ellis finally gets permission at a spot he's been working on for four years, which he knew would be the nail in the coffin. The 170" eight pointer known as Bane haunted Lee Ellis for two years. With four years of trial camer...

  • Zeus II • Seek One

    Episode 5

    In part 2 of the Zeus series, Lee is determined to pinpoint Zeus' summer hideout in hopes of closing the distance for early season 2017. Where Lee finds Zeus is completely unexpected, and explains his sporadic late season patterns. Lee sets himself up to be successful early season, but Zeus' age ...

  • Zeus III • Seek One

    Episode 6

    In part three of the Zeus series, Lee's frustrations reach an all time high. Zeus continues to play mind games and Lee is forced to seek out more hunting permission. The rut is just around the corner, so Zeus is bound to make a mistake soon!

  • Zeus IV • Seek One

    Episode 7

    In part four of the Zeus series the rut is in full swing. Zeus' pattern is sporadic but Lee is in the best possible spot to have an encounter with him. Just when we think it's never going to happen, he is too old and too smart, Zeus makes a mistake!

  • Suburban Strut • Seek One

    Episode 8

    In this episode, the Suburban Bowhunter crew gives suburban turkey hunting a shot. Locating and calling a bird within range in the suburbs proves to be far more difficult than expected. With just a few days left in the season, Jay finally closes the deal.