Seek One

Seek One

3 Seasons

Over a decade ago, we began bow hunting the vast expanse of suburbs around Atlanta, where the search for permission is equally as challenging as the hunt itself. You won't find any outfitters, high fences, or storied private ranches here....just a maze of neighborhoods, commercial properties, and a will to find the next buck of a lifetime.

Seek One
  • Beginnings • Seek One

    Episode 1

    In the very first episode of Seek | One, Drew and Lee introduce each other and provide a background of their suburban hunting experiences in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Tyson • Seek One

    Episode 2

    Lee introduces his #1 buck for the season, a massive non-typical named Tyson. Lee has a pre-season encounter with Tyson, then an intense encounter with a poacher while hunting.

  • Maxwell I • Seek One

    Episode 3

    Drew locates a buck he's named Maxwell and has multiple face to face encounters with him. Maxwell is locked down in a tiny block of woods and Drew pushes his luck on getting hunting permission.

  • Maxwell II • Seek One

    Episode 4

    Drew connects on the first buck of the season, a 172" giant. This hunt is as suburban as it gets!

  • City Hall • Seek One

    Episode 5

    Lee and Drew speak at a city council meeting to prevent hunting from being banned, and Lee has his first encounter with Bane.

  • Bane I • Seek One

    Episode 6

  • Overtime • Seek One

    Episode 7

    After a tough season and a string of bad luck, Lee finally connects on a late season 151" nine pointer.