Seek One Presents: The Season

Seek One Presents: The Season

5 Episodes

For those that just can't get enough content from Seek One. We present, The Season

Seek One Presents: The Season
  • Charlie The Story Untold • The Season

    CHARLIE is the buck that started it all, the roots of Seek One. We finally show the story of the most legendary (and rumored) suburban Atlanta buck of all time, a story that has gone untold for five years! Why did we wait so long to share it? How did the hunt unfold? Why was this story so importa...

  • Nashville Velvet • The Season

    In this episode, Drew hunts Nashville for the August 3-day velvet hunt. After a couple days of scouting, Drew gets back on a giant buck he hunted last season on the same farm. A Hemp field proves to be the hot spot for these early season bucks.

  • Thor • The Season

    The 2019 season in Georgia kicks off in a massive way! Some stories take years to develop, while others happen in the blink of an eye. Over the summer, Lee puts the puzzle pieces together on a rumored 200" buck in Atlanta. After spending weeks knocking on doors and running cameras, he finds what ...

  • Doe Management • The Season

    In this episode, Lee and Drew have a doe management challenge at some of their most overpopulated spots. Two hours into the challenge, there are already four does on the ground.

  • Recurve • The Season

    In this entry of The Season, Jay picks up the Hoyt Satori recurve in lieu of his compound bow. With two solid Atlanta bucks showing consistently, Jay hones his skills with the recurve before heading to the woods.