Second Season

Second Season

13 Episodes

Professional golfers at the very height of their game love the outdoors like no other, and this series follows them on their own trips well out of bounds.

Second Season
  • Sky’s the Limit • Golf Pros Go Pheasant Hunting with Dogs

    Episode 1

    Don Pooley, Morris Hatalsky and Dave Stockton join forces at Sutton Bay for a pheasant hunt that none of them will soon forget. Don spends some family time in the field with his brother, while Dave shows hunting-newcomer Morris a few tricks of the wingshooting trade.

  • Quail Hunting Texas • The Wadkins Bros Double Up

    Episode 2

    Brothers Bobby and Lanny Wadkins spend some quality time on a Texas quail hunt. They’re joined by golf analyst David Feherty, who puts his wit to the test with a running commentary on the group’s shooting exploits.

  • A Haven by the Sea • Frank Licklitter On A Spring Turkey Hunt

    Episode 3

    Frank Licklitter shares his time and resources to help get a children’s home off the ground. In the woods under the south Florida sun, we’ll follow Frank on a beautiful turkey hunt and hear why the Seamark Ranch Children’s Home is a cause dear to his heart.

  • The Gadget Guys • Quail Hunting with Dogs

    Episode 4

    Everyone sees the pros on the course, but the tour techs responsible for keeping each professional’s clubs tuned to perfection rarely see the outside of their rolling workshops. We’ll follow two guys who help keep the TaylorMade men front and center on the leaderboard, as they head to central Mis...

  • A Little Bit of Fuzz • Youth Whitetail Hunt

    Episode 5

    The time fathers and sons spend in the woods is special beyond compare. We’ll follow Fuzzy Zoeller as he takes his son Miles on a quest for the boy’s first whitetail deer. The fun and emotion make this episode one you don’t want to miss.

  • Beast of Burden • Sean Fister Hunting Spring Turkeys

    Episode 6

    Proven long drive champion Sean “The Beast” Fister is no stranger to the long walks between the tee and his second shot, but it took a spring turkey hunt in Texas to introduce him to some long walks from the clubhouse to his first shot. We’ll find out what makes this big hitter tick and see his e...

  • Loving Tradition • Davis Love III Chases Whitetails and Longbeards

    Episode 7

    Davis Love III didn’t get exposed to the outdoors as a kid, but he is changing that for his son Dru. Follow Davis and Dru on a Texas whitetail hunt and a turkey hunt in southern Georgia as Davis teaches Dru the values of the outdoors.

  • Along Came Jones • Bow Hunting Whitetails with Steve Jones

    Episode 8

    Steve Jones, 1996 U.S. Open champion, is used to walking and stalking the hills of Montana while he's not on the golf course. However, Steve gives the more relaxed treestands in Southern Alabama a shot as he goes for his first whitetail buck before heading off to Hawaii to start a new season for ...

  • Wings of the Walrus • Craig Stadler Dove Hunts Argentina

    Episode 9

    Craig Stadler, Champions Tour pro, helped the Argentine Open by bringing some bigger names to the tournament. Now Argentina helps Craig excape the game for some wonderful wing shooting. Join craig and his friends for their annual trip to Argentina for an endless dove hunt.

  • Seasons in the Field • Hal Sutton Bow Hunting Whitetails

    Episode 10

    Ryder Cup Captain Hal Sutton takes us on a trip back to his old Texas traditions. We’ll see what makes this TOUR Champion tick in the seasons away from the links.

  • Molded in Clay • Dave Stockton Hunts Alabama Gobblers

    Episode 11

    Dave Stockton, Sr. is a long-time outdoor enthusiast and passionate participant in the shooting sports. Join him as he shares his love of the outdoor games with a young man new to the sport.

  • Prairie Twister • Bobby Wadkins in the Spring Turkey Woods

    Episode 12

    When Bobby Wadkins is away from the links, another green springtime sport grabs his attention. We’ll follow this TOUR favorite on a spring turkey hunt in the Jayhawk State and see how well “close” translates from the green to the green woods.

  • Golden Days • Jack Nicklaus Bow Hunting Texas Whitetails

    Episode 13

    Jack Nicklaus and his family are all about the outdoors. Whether it’s a tournament from tee to green or time spent with each other under God’s great blue sky, the days he spends in the field are among his most lasting memories. We’ll follow the Nicklaus crew on a south Texas bowhunt that made som...