Rare Breed

Rare Breed

4 Episodes

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Rare Breed
  • The Island • Rare Breed

    Episode 1

    The TN velvet hunt in August has been a really nice opportunity for us to get in the woods and get to try to kill a big deer before we start up harvest on the farm. We started trying to get an inventory and pattern these deer in the end of June. There was a bachelor group of 20 or so bucks living...

  • Georgia Youth Hunt Opener 2021 • Rare Breed

    Grant Gillooly has been waiting all year for this weekend to come, March 13th, the Georgia youth turkey season opener. Hunter makes the trip over to Georgia to join tom and grant for a weekend of hunting. Tom has put the time in preparing ground and scouting for the past month or so and has real...

  • TEXAS Part 1 • Rare Breed

    Episode 3

    Hunter and Tom make the big decision to pack up and head to Texas to meet Cody for opening weekend. The reason it was such a big decision, was because it was also opening weekend in their home states. The boys were excited about getting to spend time together in camp and hopefully capitalize on s...

  • SPRING BREAK’N • Rare Breed

    The dream team is back together in Georgia. While Hunter and Grant are on spring break the crew is hoping to try their luck on some Georgia longbeards. With the Mossy Oak crew coming in toward the end of the week, their time is limited but grant seems to have a lucky horseshoe or rabbit foot in h...