84 Episodes

From coyotes to feral hogs and all sorts of pesky predators in-between, our assortment of videos and articles will help you hunt, spot, stalk, call in and kill with lightning efficiency. Get expert tips on what gear to use and what calls to make, while learning both basic and advanced techniques from the most lethal predator exterminators in the game.

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  • Basic Gear Needed to Start Predator Hunting

    Episode 1

  • Song Dog Serenade • Predator Hunting in Texas

    Episode 2

    Gary Roberson shows us the best way to chase the song dogs of the Texas praries.

  • Bear Realities Idaho • The Hunger

    Episode 3

    We feed THE HUNGER and hunt for black bears in the steep, rugged mountains of west-central Idaho. Black bears and other apex predators remain a focal point of anti-hunting organizations, but those of us who hunt these animals have the greatest respect for them.

  • Eyes Front 1

    Episode 4

    Song Dogs Along the Rio Grande

  • NBK Episode 15 S1

    Episode 5

    Dan Thurston and David Hale take aim at some turkeys in Missouri. Korey Kirschenmann travels through North Dakota to track down some coyotes. Dave Kramer stalks a 145" Iowa buck.

  • Predator Patrol • NBK Episode 1 S9

    Episode 6

    Drury Outdoors veteran Jared Lurk goes on an educational ride along with Officer Christian Dekker, an expert at trapping Coyotes.

  • Don’t Guide the Guide • Bear Hunting in Canada

    Episode 7

    A fantastic bear hunt with a Texan guide following one of our favorite Canadian guides Grant Kypers at Buck Paradise Outfitters.

  • Eyes Front 2

    Episode 8

    The Hunt for All Seasons

  • Eyes Front 3

    Episode 9

    Rules of Engagement 3

  • The Shoopman Way • Trapping Coyotes and Other Predators with Casey Shoopman

    Episode 10

    In this webisode, we follow Casey Shoopman on his line of coyote traps and learn about the mentality of coyotes. Coyotes can be detrimental to a gamekeepers work. Understanding more about coyote habits, and what professionals do to keep the predator population at bay can increase your success whi...

  • Eyes Front 4

    Episode 11

    Hit or Miss

  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 3 • Coyote Trapping

    Episode 12

    Kyle Lofton is back catching coyotes on a land owner’s property. This time his daughter, Kylie joins him in his pursuit to remove predators from his land. Coyotes are one of the top predators of game species, watch as Kyle goes to work on eliminating this threat.

  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 2 • Trapping Coyotes

    Episode 13

    This week were back with trapper Kyle Lofton to watch as he takes on more coyotes and an unhappy bobcat.

  • Man vs. Wild Hogs • Wild Hog Research Project and Hog Hunting

    Episode 14

    The Mossy Oak GameKeepers travel to the Mississippi Delta and discover a unique research project conducted by Mississippi State University. We also take you an unforgettable hog hunt with dogs in the bottomlands of Clay County.
    Managing a property with feral pigs can be a nightmare. Wild hogs ar...

  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 1 • Catching Coyotes

    Episode 15

    Watch trapper Kyle Lofton in action as he shows you how he catches a coyote.

  • BoarBuster Traps • Controlling Wild Hog Populations with Boarbuster Traps

    Episode 16

    The Noble Foundation and WW Livestock systems teamed up and created a fully suspended hog trap that deploys remotely from your cell phone. This is after being able to watch the hogs enter the trap on a live feed through the use of cameras at the trap site. They explain all the benefits of this tr...

  • Oklahoma Hogs • The Hunger

    Episode 17

    Their paths converged after a decade of doing life in different directions. It was music that first brought them together, and hunting that triggered a reunion. Benny Carl, from Nashville rock-n-roll band The Tip, joins an old friend to get down and dirty on an Oklahoma hog hunt.

  • Back to the Beginning • Deer and Hogs in Mississippi

    Episode 18

    Jerry Martin, of Bass Pro Shops, shares a hunt with Toxey, Cuz and Mr. Fox on their home ground.

  • NBK Episode 8 S1

    Episode 19

    Jared Lurk sneaks up on an Iowa turkey. Aaron Bennett shoots some coyotes after attending a Missouri fur trade auction with Tad Brown. Ben Rising takes a buck in Kansas.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 1

    Episode 20

    Have a wild hog infestation on your property? We feel your pain. Follow along with us as the guys from Jager Pro come to West Point, Ms to evaluate wild pig problem and build traps fit with innovative technology. We’ll cover the latest in wild hog research, trapping and other eradication techniques.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 2

    Episode 21

    The guys from Jager Pro continue in West Point, Mississippi with wild pig eradication techniques, tips and tactics.

  • FOXPRO 1104 South Dakota • Fast and Furious

    Episode 22

    Mike Dillon hunts coyote in South Dakota.

  • FOXPRO 1103 Arizona • Fast and Furious

    Episode 23

    Abner Druckenmiller hunts coyotes in Arizona.

  • FOXPRO 1102 Alberta • Fast and Furious

    Episode 24

    Abner Druckenmiller hunts coyotes in Alberta.