Pinhoti Project: Ungulate Edition

Pinhoti Project: Ungulate Edition

5 Seasons

Follow along with Dave Owens as he bow hunts whitetail deer.

Pinhoti Project: Ungulate Edition
  • Ungulate Edition Ep2 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 1

    Tag along as we brush over my ALABAMA BOW SEASON. Watch as an unforgettable morning finds a bachelor group of BUCKS lingering around for over 2 HOURS! A pair of GIANT PUBLIC LAND bucks sort out there differences on the fringe of archery range.

  • Ungulate Edition Ep1 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 2

    Join me for a full month of bow hunting in Kentucky. We're tackling unfamiliar out of state public land and learning as we go; starting in the steamy early September sun and punching a tag with the first October cool front! It's quite the ride!

  • Ungulate Edition Ep3 • Pinhoti Project

    Episode 3

    Check out ONE of the few flickers of EXCITEMENT I experienced while bow hunting the PUBLIC lands of NORTH GEORGIA this past November. Overall an uneventful RUT, but here's proof that it did in fact take place- I was just never in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. A really cool encounter I was lu...