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Pale Horse Films

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Turkey, elk, whitetail. Pale Horse Films takes a cinematic look around the country.

Pale Horse Films
  • Chasing 49 • Pale Horse Films

    49 states. One obsession. "Chasing 49" is a film that follows two turkey hunters' continued pursuit of the U.S. Super Slam. Keith Ott and Ryan Whitelaw have now checked off 32 and 28 states.

  • La Lucha • Pale Horse Films

    What was thought to be an easy turkey hunt turns into an ordeal for three experienced turkey hunters

  • The Paradigm • Pale Horse Films

    “Dave is somewhere between a friend and a mentor, not that the two can’t be one and the same, but I get this great friendship and this chance to learn from Dave.” Hunting is all about relationships. Follow this unlikely duo as they pursue a droptine mule deer in the prairie country of the west.

  • Haunted Pt. 1 • Chasing 49

    “Haunted” is a short film series from Chasing 49 documenting Keith Ott’s journey to complete the US Super Slam. This two part series begins in the swamps of Louisiana April 6 and ends on the hardwood ridges of New York May 23. With a travel schedule that took the team over 20,000 miles of drivin...

  • Continuum • Pale Horse