Pale Horse Films

Pale Horse Films

2 Seasons

Turkey, elk, whitetail. Pale Horse Films takes a cinematic look around the country.

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Pale Horse Films
  • Grey Light • Pale Horse

    Episode 1

    "It's way more than a hobby or just something I'm passionate about. It's part of who I am." Watch the season long pursuit of whitetail and what it means to return year after year.

  • Day Seven • Pale Horse

    Episode 2

    "In 10 days we are planning on hunting 4 states... there's no breaks, there's no stops." Watch the journey of two hunters chasing the Wild Turkey U.S. Super Slam and the pursuit of the wild turkey that consumes them.

  • Glass • Pale Horse

    Episode 3

    Glass follows the monthlong pursuit of elk in New Mexico's Gila National Forest.

  • Bloodline • Pale Horse

    Episode 4

    Watch a story that runs deep in the blood for a deer hunting family in Georgia.

  • Chasing • Pale Horse

    Episode 5

    Stephen Spurlock is chasing more than an animal. He's chasing a legacy passed down from his father.

  • Flatland • Pale Horse

    Episode 6

    "We want an animal that's been through the severe winters... a buck like that... it makes him incredibly difficult to hunt."