Off Days

Off Days

3 Episodes

Within the life of a professional athlete, there are a select few days set aside for time in the outdoors. These are the “off days” and this is how I spend them.

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Off Days
  • Off Days Episode 1 • Pregame

    Episode 1

    Opening day of spring turkey season is the Super Bowl to turkey hunters in the Southeast. Before this season gets underway, we had a section of our farm in Mississippi that had grown up over head high in places from being left alone for a few years. With this doing us no good for holding turkeys ...

  • Off Days • Episode 2 • Mississippi Opener - Rule #2 Double Tap!

    Episode 2

    Opening day as a turkey hunter is better than Christmas morning. Rain or shine, you just have to go. This season started off with some iffy weather. We had everything from rain, wind and hail. Day one was a fun one! Menger almost squeezed off on one right out of the gate. Day two was wet, wet, we...

  • Off Days • Episode 3 • Florida Struggles and Firework Shows

    Episode 3

    Our good buddy Gary Stanton of Muscadine Bloodline comes down to chase his first Osceola. The birds were just not cooperating. Just when we were finally catching a break, we found ourselves amidst a firework show at daylight. After Gary left, we met up with Hunter Farrior and Austin Sills of Spri...