NWTF Beyond the Strut

NWTF Beyond the Strut

4 Episodes

NWTF’s new short film series – #BeyondtheStrut – follows a 22-day road trip covering more than 5,750 miles. This spring swing through the west – Montana, California, Arizona and New Mexico – highlights a wounded veteran hunt and a series of NWTF conservation projects on public lands.

NWTF Beyond the Strut
  • Montana • Beyond the Strut

    Episode 1

    Wounded veterans Jim Sursley, Army, and Dominic Davila, Marines, may have served their country in different eras, but they share a bond of service to country. NWTF Staff and volunteers come together to ensure Sursley and Davila also share a Merriam’s turkey hunt neither will forget.

  • California • Beyond the Strut

    Episode 2

    It’s no secret that California’s forests are in need of conservation efforts to help with forest health. The NWTF’s stewardship agreement on Eldorado National Forest’s Cleveland-Icehouse Project already has seen more than 1,000 acres impacted and the project budget has reached $2.3 million. Also,...

  • New Mexico • Beyond the Strut

    Episode 3

    The Zuni Mountains and Cibolo National Forest are home to the NWTF’s largest stewardship project, the nine-year running Bluewater Stewardship Project. In order to reduce fire risk, the NWTF is aiding in thinning of the timber stands and reducing fuel loads through burning. Also, onXHunt’s Dylan D...

  • Arizona • Beyond the Strut

    Episode 4

    Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests were hit hard by two of the largest fires ever to occur in Arizona. But, wildlife is rebounding thanks to stewardship work between the NWTF and the U.S. Forest Service. Also, state volunteers talk about the impact of fostering hunting in the next generation and ...