New Releases

New Releases

Check out the latest videos added to the Mossy Oak Go Collection.

New Releases
  • Little Snake River Restoration | Colorado Conservation

    See how efforts to restore the Little Snake River at the majestic Three Forks Ranch in Northern Colorado have revitalized its fish population and the very land it runs through. This short film produced by Mossy Oak truly shows conservation in action.

  • The Comeback • Victory Outdoors

    As a bowhunter you have to learn to handle adversity, Drexel Richardson, does just that. As a result he would kill his largest archery buck to date!

  • The New Guy • Whitetail Edge

    The Whitetail Edge crew is 2 for 2 in Ohio this year and looking to make it number 3. As October rolls on the action in the deer woods only gets better. Most of the guys on the team are looking at the calendar and marking that last red moon in October hoping for a cold front to really get the mat...

  • Clover Rush • Victory Outdoors

    Garrett and his father, Ty Green, put in a ton of work to manage their land for whitetails. This work pays off for Garett with an early-season opportunity over the Clover Rush food plot.

  • Drew Benton • Elements

    Bassmaster Elite Angler, Drew Benton, dives deep into how the need to be outside drove his choice in career and honed his competitive edge.

  • Splits • Whitetail Edge

    After Dylan got it done on a buck he called The Sheriff, I headed back to Ohio and I had one particular deer in mind. This was a deer I called Splits. Splits was an old warrior I have been watching for 4 or 5 years now and based on his previous activity around mid October I knew there was a good ...

  • Chasing Monster Mule Deer in the Utah Mountains • Homegrown Experience

    In this episode, Austin Musselman of Homegrown Experience and good friend Bill Mudd head to Utah in search of giant Mule Deer with Wild Country Outfitters. They spend multiple days searching thousands of acres of Utah mountains for that trophy of a lifetime.

  • A Second Chance • Victory Outdoors

    Curtis locks in on his number one target buck, using lots of tools to his advantage. He tries to capitalize on a second opportunity, after an early season encounter.

  • The Sheriff • Whitetail Edge

    Its hard to believe season 6 is already here but I am excited to take you all through Whitetail Edge’s 2020 season. We all know 2020 was a rough year in many different ways but I am extremely proud of our team and how everyone grinned out there season to make this show the best it could be. We ar...

  • What To Look For When Checking Stands

  • DIY Ground Blind For Deer & Turkey Hunting • Mossy Oak University

    Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland shows how to build your very own ground blind.

  • Practical Field Positions For Long Range Shooting • Shooting Tips

  • Jordan Ellis of Mexican Gulf Fishing • Elements

    Do what you love for a living. That’s what the dream is, and Jordan Ellis is living out his. He’s a saltwater captain down in Louisiana who helps his customers reel in the best fish, from tuna to blue marlins. We had the opportunity to film a day in the life of Jordan Ellis, and it was a dang goo...

  • Native Watercraft • Slayer Max 12.5 • Gear Drop

    Kayak fishing growing and growing, and we've got the best kayak here for you. The Native Slayer Max 12.5 is an unbelievable craft made specifically for your angling needs--with speed and stealth in mind.

  • Cole Chaney • Mossy Oak Presents: Sticks & Strings

    Country music singer Cole Chaney brings his guitar to play a few of his favorite songs for us on the back porch of the Mossy Oak cabin.

    Song list:
    Coalshooter 0:16
    Humble Enough to Hear 6:29
    Ill Will Creek 10:30
    The Flood 15:24
    Mercy 21:07

  • Bayou Classic Cooker and Boiler Pot • Gear Drop

    Chris from Bayou Classic gives us the lowdown on their vortex flame, dual-jet, cooker paired with their 80-quart boiler pot.

  • Mossy Oak Fish Wars: Greg Hackney vs Jon Tatum

    Legendary, 3-time Bassmaster Elite Series Champ takes on one of Mossy Oak's own at Grosse Savanne down in Louisiana. Jon's pretty good at bass fishing, but is he, GREG HACKNEY good? See for yourself! Get your own Mossy Oak Hydroplex™ fishing shirt in your favorite pattern at The Mossy Oak Store.

  • Lake Guntersville 2021 Recap with Brandon Lester

    This is how I fish the ledges on Lake Guntersville. Crankbaits and drop shots work for me. Lowrance electronics are key.

  • Adam Hood • Mossy Oak Presents: Sticks & Strings

    We invited country music singer-songwriter, Adam Hood, over to the Mossy Oak cabin for a few drinks and songs on the front porch.

    Song list:
    The Easy Way 0:00
    Front Porch Thing 3:56
    Tennessee Will 7:15
    Good Ol' Days 11:34
    He Did 15:28
    Million Miles Away 19:26

  • Lake Neely Henry 2021 Recap with Brandon Lester

    It's stop number 6 on the elite series, Lake Neely Henry.

  • Muscadine Bloodline • Mossy Oak Presents: Sticks & Strings

    As part of our Sticks & Strings music series, we invited the incredible Muscadine Bloodline to pluck out a few tunes on the front porch of the Mossy Oak cabin.

    Song List:
    Nothing Much to Do 0:10
    Shut Your Mouth 4:42
    See You Tomorrow 9:28
    Here Goes Nothing 13:50
    Good Chunk of Change 18:14
    Porch S...

  • Whiskey Myers • Mossy Oak Presents: Sticks & Strings

    With a drink in hand, the guys from Whiskey Myers play us their songs acoustically on the back porch of the Mossy Oak cabin. They sing about family, .243s, and southern life with their signature rasp. Join along.

    Song list:
    Mud 0:11
    Bury My Bones 5:50
    Ballad of a Southern Man 10:45
    Stone 16:08

  • Lost Brake • Nebraska • Episode 11

    After a successful turkey season on the island, the Lost Brake boys head west to chase turkeys in the cornhusker state.

  • Fly Fishing the Soque River with Jessi Cole • Mossy Oak Elements

    Mossy Oak's Jessi Cole returns to the place she first learned to fly fish--the mountains of Georgia. While catching trout on flies she tied earlier that morning, we learn how she discovered the sport and how her passion for all things fly fishing grew.