Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • Predator Patrol • NBK Episode 1 S9

    Episode 1

    Drury Outdoors veteran Jared Lurk goes on an educational ride along with Officer Christian Dekker, an expert at trapping Coyotes.

  • Passing the Torch • NBK Episode 2 S9

    Episode 2

    Drury Outdoors veteran John O'Dell bow hunts Texas Rios while Dave Kramer takes his daughter, Dru, out for the Iowa youth muzzleloader deer season in Iowa. She finds success in back to back years on a pair of monster bucks.

  • Too Close for Comfort • NBK Episode 3 S9

    Episode 3

    Mark Drury harvests a Texas Rio from only 5 yards away. In both Wisconsin and Missouri Derek Glesinger scores a buck during the youth rifle seasons.

  • Uncle Buck • NBK Episode 7 S9

    Episode 4

    Matriarch of the DOD family, Lucille Drury, accompanies son Terry, on a memorable Turkey hunt. Ashley Playle continues a family tradition with grandfather, John Williams, during the Missouri rifle season. In Illinois Tom Ware harvests "Uncle Buck".

  • Bringing the Payne • NBK Episode 6 S9

    Episode 5

    DOD veteran John O'Dell catches a thirsty Texas Rio Grande wild Turkey on his way to water with his PSE. John Williams ends his quest on a buck named "Potato Head" in Missouri. Louie Payne overcomes long odds to punch his Iowa buck tag.

  • Timing Is Everything • NBK Episode 4 S9

    Episode 6

    After 30 years of bow hunting DOD veteran Jared Lurk arrows his first Turkey on his first attempt. Greg Glesinger and cameraman Kasey Morgan each find bow hunting success including a 162" Iowa buck.

  • Patience is a Virtue• NBK Episode 5 S9

    Episode 7

    DOD team member Bric Steward reunites with father, Larry, in the Illinois Turkey woods. In Iowa Dave Kramer is behind the camera for his son, Daltyn's, big buck bow harvest. In Missouri Chris Comstock finally catches up with an elusive 193" buck.

  • Saddle Up • NBK Episode 11 S9

    Episode 8

    Adam Anderson and Parker Jennings let fate decide who gets to shoot on a Missouri Turkey hunt. Wade Robinson gets to bow and gun hunt Texas whitetails with Mark Drury behind the camera.

  • The Real Couch • NBK Episode 12 S9

    Episode 9

    Task Force officer Sean Lundy finds success in the Illinois Turkey woods. Team member Adam Anderson arrows a buck in Missouri. Scott Manifold and Tom Ware endure bitter cold weather to catch up with a mature Iowa buck.

  • Swoops • NBK Episode 10 S9

    Episode 10

    Matt Drury establishes a new Turkey tradition with his family. In Illinois, Kyle McClellan hopes the buck named "Swoops" will appear on the last day of the gun season. Marc Freese proves the drawing power of his Anilogics on a buck in Texas.

  • Let Them Bark • NBK Episode 13 S9

    Episode 11

    Wade Robinson ends his season with a mature Iowa buck. JJ Kolesar and Kyle Lamore hunt Coyote in Illinois. Jared Cassidy succeeds on a Catch-A-Dream hunt in Louisiana.

  • Class Act • NBK Episode 9 S9

    Episode 12

    Texas hunter Bill Hill harvests two Turkeys with one shot. Wade Robinson arrows a Texas buck. In Illinois, Kyle Lamore ends a long deer season with harvesting buck #5 on the top 10 hit list.

  • The Seven Year Itch • NBK Episode 8 S9

    Episode 13

    First time Turkey hunter, John Lurk, hits a snag in Missouri. In Wisconsin Joe Eugster bow harvests a 7-year-old buck. Eric Bothun fills his Iowa Muzzleloader tag on a monster buck. Kasey Morgan bags buck #10 on the top 10 hit list.