Natural Born

Natural Born

9 Seasons

The DOD Team chases whitetails and turkeys in each episode this of this action-packed online series.

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Natural Born
  • NBK Episode 1 S1

    Episode 1

    Chris Comstock and Steve Coon kill two turkeys on the opening day of the Missouri season. Coyotes are scaring off the mule deer so Mark Drury and Jared Lurk kill two in Alberta. Chris and Jeff Propst fly into Canada for a caribou hunt of a lifetime.

  • NBK Episode 4 S1

    Episode 2

    Bill Gadient kills a turkey with his bow in Iowa. Ty Bartoskewitz heads to south Texas to predator hunt from a helicopter. Dave Kramer kills a black bear with his bow in Canada.

  • NBK Episode 2 S1

    Episode 3

    Tad Brown kills a coyote in Wyoming. John O'Dell and Dave Reisner double up on South Dakota turkeys with PSE bows. Keith Keuhn takes a 127" Alberta buck with a bow.

  • NBK Episode 11 S1

    Episode 4

    Tad Brown goes turkey hunting in Missouri. Louie Payne gets to work controlling the predator population on his Kentucky farm. In Colorado, Jeff Hoffman goes searching for a monster elk with his bow.

  • NBK Episode 3 S1

    Episode 5

    Mark Drury invites Ben Rising to Iowa where he kills a turkey with a gun. Dan Thurston heads to Texas to hunt coyote from a high rack. Tim Mathews heads to Colorado to bow hunt elk only a couple weeks after his appendix burst. Tim makes a perfect shot on unique Colorado bull.

  • NBK Episode 13 S1

    Episode 6

    Steve Coon and Chris Comstock nail some Missouri longbeards. Tad Brown and Monte Trampe drop the hammer on some Nebraska coyotes. Jon LaCorte goes elk hunting in New Mexico.

  • NBK Episode 8 S1

    Episode 7

    Jared Lurk sneaks up on an Iowa turkey. Aaron Bennett shoots some coyotes after attending a Missouri fur trade auction with Tad Brown. Ben Rising takes a buck in Kansas.

  • NBK Episode 9 S1

    Episode 8

    Dan Thurston goes bobcat hunting in Kansas. Mark Drury takes Taylor and the McFerrin kids to Texas for some youth turkey hunting. Kris Lenz self-films himself dropping a monster black bear in Ontario.

  • NBK Episode 5 S1

    Episode 9

    Tim Ott and Tad Brown go on a predator hunt in Missouri. Mark and Terry team up with ultimate fighter legend Tim Sylvia for some unforgettable Iowa turkey hunts. Joe Eugster connects with a 145" Wisconsin whitetail while hunting with his son.

  • NBK Episode 7 S1

    Episode 10

    Rick Malik drops a gobbler in Pennsylvania. Dan Thurston calls in some predators in southeast Kansas. At deer camp in Illinois, Adam Kuehn and Jerry Wilson connect with two giant whitetails and Mike Lalumandier kills a 164" monster.

  • NBK Episode 10 S1

    Episode 11

    Louie and Melissa Payne take down some gobblers in Tennessee. Tad Brown triples his coyote kills in Wyoming. Joe Eugster sets his sights on a 155" Wisconsin whitetail.

  • NBK Episode 12 S1

    Episode 12

    Dan Thurston travels to Texas to get in on some predator hunting. Steve Coon is in search of a Missouri turkey on his birthday. Tim Herald, Jon LaCorte, Mark Kayser and Mark Keefe go on an unforgetable elk hunt in New Mexico.

  • NBK Episode 6 S1

    Episode 13

    Joe Shults heads out with Steve Coon on the opening day of turkey season in Illinois. Tad Brown goes to Alberta to hunt coyotes in the snow. Steve Coon nails a mature "ugly duckling" buck in Missouri.

  • NBK Episode 14 S1

    Episode 14

    Matt, Mark and Terry Drury open up the Missouri turkey season in style. Louie Payne checks his predator traps in Kentucky. Richard and Gregg Day share a father-son hunt in New York.

  • NBK Episode 15 S1

    Episode 15

    Dan Thurston and David Hale take aim at some turkeys in Missouri. Korey Kirschenmann travels through North Dakota to track down some coyotes. Dave Kramer stalks a 145" Iowa buck.

  • NBK Episode 17 S1

    Episode 16

    Joe Eugster kills a coyote in Wisconsin. Taylor Drury and McKenna McFerrin set their sights on some Missouri turkeys. Dan Thurston and Randy Bryant travel through Colorado and Wyoming in search of some monster bucks.

  • NBK Episode 16 S1

    Episode 17

    Jared Lurk hooks up with Chad Flynn to whitetail hunt in Missouri, but get a little sidetracked by a coyote. Kyle Lamore heads to Texas to hunt turkeys and hogs. Jeff Propst travels to New Mexico in hopes of harvesting a trophy elk.

  • NBK Episode 18 S1

    Episode 18

    Jared Lurk's mule deer hunt in Canada quickly shifts gears to predator madness. Larry Steward lays the smack down on an Illinois gobbler. Jeff Propst searches for a mature elk in Montana.