National Walleye Tour

National Walleye Tour

2 Seasons

The National Walleye Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's offers premier, tour-level competition for walleye anglers across the North! The National Walleye Tour is the largest, most prestigious and lucrative walleye fishing series in the nation, with over a million dollars in cash and prizes on the line during the season. The show covers the tour qualifying events and then culminates with a three-day Championship event where we crown the National Walleye Champion!

National Walleye Tour
  • NWT 2018 Lake Winnebago • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 1

    The 2018 National Walleye Season is here! With high waters and flooding, find out how a last minute location change to Oshkosh, Wisconsin's Lake Winnebago affects these pro and co walleye anglers and find out who takes home the trophies!

  • NWT 2018 Saginaw Bay • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 2

    The National Walleye Tour is headed to Bay City, Michigan and Saginaw Bay for the second stop of the 2018 season! With two-day totals nearing 50 pounds, find out which pro and co walleye anglers have mastered the hottest walleye fishing techniques!

  • NWT 2018 Saginaw Bay and Devil's Lake • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 3

    As we wrap up the 2018 National Walleye Tour's Saginaw Bay, Bay City, Michigan event, find out which pro and co walleye anglers took home top honors at the second event of the season. Then we'll head over to Devils Lake to get started on all the action of the last qualifying event this year.

  • 2018 NWT Devils Lake Wraps Up • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 4

    The National Walleye Tour continues with the 2018 Devils Lake event where things may have started off slow but ended up with some superb walleye fishing! Tune in to find out which pro and co anglers go home with the big prizes.

  • NWT 2018 NWT Championship Part 1 • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 5

    2018 National Walleye Tour Championship time has arrived and we're at the Lake of the Woods, Baudette, Minnesota with the BEST Pro and Co walleye anglers around. Get ready for excellent walleye fishing and lots of competition!

  • NWT 2018 NWT Championship Part 2 • National Walleye Tour

    Episode 6

    The final action from the 2018 Cabela's National Walleye Tour at Lake of the Woods, Baudette, Minnesota is right here! We'll crown our Pro & Co winners with these prestigious Champion titles of the season and give away more boats and prizes!