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6 Episodes

How about real life hunting from the people living real lives. Work, kids, responsibilities, and trying to fit the commitments of hunting into the mix…it is about as accurate as hunting can get.

MTN.Top Outdoors
  • Illinois Rut Archery Whitetail ACTION • MTN.Top Outdoors

    Episode 4

    Stay patient, that’s the lesson here. As warm temps hit we back out and enjoy time with our good friends at Holy Pursuit Outfitters. Then when the cold temps roll back in were all set waiting on that perfect moment we all dream of!

  • Missouri Whitetail Rut Action • MTN.Top Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Join us as we get all our things packed up from a successful 5 days in Illnois and off to Missouri. We hit the peak of the rut on the 7th of November when we hang and hunt with our buddy Bill, we had no idea how hot the action would be. Classic story of one in the hand or two in the bush.

  • HeartLand Bucks • MTN.Top Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Holy Pursuit Outfitters hosts us in a Halloween Pre-rut Whitetail Hunt.

  • Beep the Sheep • MTN.Top Outdoors

  • The Sunflower State • MTN.TopOutdoors

    Join the crew as they roll into Kansas to hunt with their good buddy Greg Hays from twisted oaks mineral. The rut is slowing down just waiting for a buck to break off lockdown. The bad breaks continue for the guys on all day sits.

  • Home Sweet Home • MTN.Top Outdoors

    Episode 6

    South western Pennsylvania is where deer hunting is still rich in tradition, and hunting heritage. Join us as we take a great buck with my dad Freddy and our number one hit lister steps out. Leaving us to hold out for a buck of a lifetime. Thanks for watching.