Mossy Oak Classics

Mossy Oak Classics

5 Seasons

Mossy Oak Classics
  • Big Alabama Buck • Whitetails in the Black Belt

    Episode 1

    Deep in the Heart of Dixie, in the Black Belt region famous for producing tall timber, lush cotton and whitetails by the thousands, we'll follow a lady's pursuit of the Southern rut.

  • Oklahoma Buck Fever • Massive Antlers in the Hardwoods

    Episode 2

    On the windswept plains of Oklahoma we find some of the most impressive whitetail bucks in the nation. For one hunter, the pursuit of the deer of a lifetime brought him to the Catch 22 Ranch near Tulsa for an adventure he'll never forget.

  • Big Mississippi Bucks • Whitetails in the Deep South

    Episode 3

    Long a haven for large numbers of whitetail deer, the Magnolia State has lately made its mark as a destination for traveling hunters nationwide. With some of the most liberal season and harvest limits in the nation, Mississippi is leading the way for outdoor adventures all across the New South. W...

  • Mississippi River Bucks • Archery Hits and Misses

    Episode 4

    Perhaps nothing in all outdoors so tries the sportsman's soul like the joys and pains of bowhunting. We'll follow one archer's quest to put all of his skills into practice on Mississippi's Giles Island. From misses to magic, the bowstrings will be singing on this week's episode.

  • Wings Over Canada • Big Geese on the Prairies

    Episode 5

    Along our hemisphere's high latitudes, in the middle of Canada's Sub-Arctic Plain, geese flock by the thousands in an aerial river of life that is majestic to behold. At Buck Paradise Outfitters, hunters greet the fall flocks with a wide-eyed awe and gain a new appreciation for our continent's wi...

  • Alabama Rutting Bucks • Whitetails in the Pine Woods

    Episode 6

    At the peak of the Alabama rut, Mossy Oak opens its camp to hunters from all across the nation. Though accents and backgrounds may vary, the language of the outdoors is all anyone needs to share a good time. These hunts put one of the largest deer herds in the nation in front of some wide-eyed vi...

  • Kids and Deer • Steering Youngsters into the Great Outdoors

    Episode 7

    Like the magnetic pull that guides wayfarers home, Camp Compass provides a hands-on introduction to hunting, fishing and the outdoor sports. Through an inner-city program, the founder leads children by example, enriching and expanding the scope of their l

  • Gobblers Everywhere • Tough Turkey Hunting Tactics

    Episode 8

    The best of the rites of spring all come together in this episode that highlights the cream of the crop from the best all-action turkey hunting video series on the market. From the lenses of Mossy Oak's Camo Cameras comes our annual installment of Extreme Spring an inside, over-the-shoulder look...

  • Brand Born in the Turkey Woods • Inspiration for a Company

    Episode 9

    From the heart of the company that brings you the nation's most effective concealment system, this episode offers a look at what makes the folks at Mossy Oak Brand Camo tick. Follow along with a group of guys who've dedicated their lives to getting close to critters and see what action lies in st...

  • Speak the Language • Will Primos and the Launching of a Legend

    Episode 10

    No matter who the hunter may be, spring turkey hunting is guaranteed to take its toll. With the most exciting game in the woods gobbling, drumming and working to the call, the folks at Primos make the most of every situation. This pair of Midwestern hunts includes enough twists and turns to trap ...

  • Opening Day Turkeys • Gobblers on the Limb

    Episode 11

    Springtime in the Deep South is always a sight to behold. With nature coming back to life and hunters returning to the woods after months held captive by the cold, a high level of enthusiasm is easy to find, no matter where you may look.

  • Main Beam Magic • Big Mississippi Bucks

    Episode 12

    Hunting whitetails from the ground is one of the foremost challenges found anywhere in the natural world. Sharing the same footing and going eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe with the best and biggest the species has to offer is enough to excite any hunter.

  • Young Kids and Old Bucks • Boys and their Fathers Hunt Deer

    Episode 13

    By setting a good example and leading the way, the mentors who first lead us afield leave with us the tools for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. In this very special tribute to those who've gone before, we'll share some family time with two sets of fathers and sons.

  • Grounded in Texas • Bowhunting Bucks at Eye Level

    Episode 14

    The big bucks that stalk the oak flats of the Texas Hill Country bring hunters from far and wide. Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland heads west to try his luck from the ground.

  • Mississippi Delta Ducks • Flooded Field Hunting for Waterfowl

    Episode 15

    Agricultural land carefully managed both for crops and for migrating ducks is the star of the show when the weather turns cold up north and the big birds of the Mississippi Flyway point themselves toward Mexico, Shotguns, limits of birds and good times take the stage then.

  • Mississippi River Legendary Whitetail • Big Bucks on Giles Island

    Episode 16

    The bucks that sparked the modern day legends of Mississippi’s Giles Island grow and thrive for hunters, both from far away and right at home. A rifle hunt and a bow hunt find two lucky men looking at deer guaranteed to make anyone’s knees shake.

  • Geese of Canada • Snow Geese and Greater Canadas Fill the Skies

    Episode 17

    Meeting the big birds of the far north on their own ground north of the border is a treat for any waterfowl hunter, and these hunts prove why. Calling, shooting and big geese falling like rain make for an action packed event.

  • Alabama Buck Bonanza • Whitetail Deer in the Deep South

    Episode 18

    When cold weather comes to the Deep South, the deer are up and on the move all throughout the day. Rifle and bow hunters alike delight in this time of year in the deer stand.

  • Montana Whitetail Fever • Recurve Bow Action for Bucks

    Episode 19

    Gene and Barry Wensel are legends in their own time, and for good reason. Their acumen when it comes to hunting whitetail bucks using traditional bowhunting equipment stands second to none.

  • Cold Weather Mississippi Bucks • Whitetail Hunting Winter in the Deep South

    Episode 20

    When winter comes to Mississippi, the long deer season kicks into high gear as bucks get up and move around. Giles Island, between Natchez, Miss., and Vidalia, La., is a haven for whitetails and traveling hunters alike.

  • Texas Bucks on the Move • Deer Hunting the Lone Star State

    Episode 21

    Country music star Tracy Byrd takes some time off from the stage to hit the deer woods in Texas, where the rattle and hum take on a slightly different quality.

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Bugles • Big Bulls in Close Range

    Episode 22

    Whether they’re pulling the trigger or dropping the string, elk hunters experience an adrenaline overload all its own. We’ll follow two hunters to the Mountain West to see their dreams come true. Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland shares an especially close encounter with a big bull.

  • Mississippi Buck Fever • Big Antlers in the Delta

    Episode 23

    Big bucks roam the rich soil of the Mississippi Delta, where they hang out in the hardwood bottoms and move around only at need. The Mississippi rut usually coincides with Christmas, and the gifts arrive early for one lucky hunter.

  • Missouri Buck Madness • Big Whitetails in the Show Me State

    Episode 24

    Time spent with fathers and sons together is always special, and made even more memorable in the deer stand. We’ll follow a young hunter on his quest for the deer that bring rifles to the Midwest every fall.