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Last Pass

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Last Pass
  • Last Pass Episode 1 • Sandhill Cranes • Final Approach

    Episode 1

    Sandhill Crane numbers, bag limits and seasons are expanding in Canada and the U.S. All of us at Final Approach wanted to bring affordable and realistic Sandhill Crane decoys to the market for the Crane hunter who only shoots a few a year to the diehard Crane outfitters and hunters who chase the...

  • Last Pass Episode 2 • Migrating To Our Northern Family • Final Approach

    Episode 2

    When the birds start migrating South, we as waterfowl hunters that are lucky enough migrate North of the border to Canada. My first time here I felt like this was home for me. The people, the hunting, the hospitality, and “OMG” the food. This year, like most years, we are lucky enough to share ca...

  • Last Pass Episode 3 • Sharing Our Passion • Final Approach

    Episode 3

    When the birds start migrating South, some waterfowl hunters are lucky enough to migrate North of the border to Canada. We always seem to gravitate to other hunters that are just as crazy about waterfowl as we are. Brad Fenson from Alberta is the guy we travel with on a lot of hunts and he is as...

  • Last Pass Episode 4 • Wild West Ducks • Final Approach

    Episode 4

    The West is always looked at as a forgotten soul for waterfowl. When you think of the west, you think of Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Wolves and much more. The West has a variety of birds and in certain places you can shoot your limit of 7 ducks with 7 different species hanging on your strap. One of...

  • Last Pass Episode 5 • Weatherby HQ & Cold River Ducks • Final Approach

    Episode 5

  • Last Pass Episode 6 • Gundogs & Trip's First Ducks • Final Approach

    Episode 6

    Mario and Jett time their trip to Wyoming and Montana right on the nose of the first real cold snap of the year. They will be hunting with Luke and Kyle from Weatherby and also John Serrano and old friend and Alex Langbell of Gundog Outdoors. We get to see Ellie who is Alex’s superstar dog wor...

  • Last Pass Episode 7 • Missouri Migrators • Final Approach

    Episode 7

    Mario heads to Missouri to visit the Rogers Sporting Goods guys on some business. He takes time out to catch up in a Snow Goose spread in Missouri with Chandler Smith from Rogers Sporting Goods and
    Josh Peck from Outdoor Limits. It is a long day of waiting them out and picking a few off in the pr...

  • Last Pass Episode 8 • Trophy Pintails

    Episode 8

    Mario and the local Oregon guys get together for a late season hunt in the Pacific NW. They hunt some sheet water and pull out some high-water tricks to shoot some trophy Pintails and other ducks. The sky is filled on this episode with every species you can think of. The guys even let Adam the ca...

  • Last Pass Episode 9 • Snow Goose Smashup

    Episode 9

    Mario heads north to Saskatchewan to chase Spring Snows and the weather and conditions are absolutely crazy. For the first 2 days Tyler Mann, Brad Fenson and I scout and encounter no water in Southern Saskatchewan. If there is nowhere for the birds to rest and stop it is not going to hold them… ...

  • Last Pass Episode 10 • SQUAB

    Episode 10

    Mario heads to Missouri to check out the Rogers Sporting goods new warehouse facility. It is something that will blow your mind. We then head over to Kansas to hunt with Randy Young Premier Prairie Adventures for pigeons. That’s right pigeons, in the dead of the summer heat we need to find some b...