King Of Bass

King Of Bass

3 Episodes

It's the King of Bass' Last Ride with Kevin VanDam. Follow this fishing legend on his final tour.

King Of Bass
  • Kings of Bass S4E1 • Two Big Changes • Kevin Van Dam

    Episode 1

    As the 2023 season begins, The KOB Crew follows @TheKevinVanDam as he faces two big changes; a new format on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour and fishing his final season of competitive bass fishing after 32 years.

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  • Kings of Bass S4E2 • Work Hard, Accomplish Anything • Kevin VanDam

    Episode 2

    The 2023 Major League Fishing Redcrest event kicks off on a lake very familiar to @TheKevinVanDam , Lake Norman where he clinched his first Angler of the Year title ever. The KOB Crew follows KVD as he puts together the pieces to have a great event.

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  • Kings of Bass S4E3 • The Main Goal • Kevin VanDam

    Episode 3

    Going into the 4th event of KVD's last season on tour, The KOB Crew follows @TheKevinVanDam as he try's to accomplish one of his main goals for this season. WIN!!

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