Hunting the Country

Hunting the Country

17 Seasons

Hunting stories from the very heart of the tradition share memories from our common past and collective future on our brand’s flagship series. Launched in 1995 and in continuous production ever since, one of the longest-running series in outdoor television remains one of the most popular because, no matter how much technology comes into play, at its heart, hunting’s heritage remains the same.

Hunting the Country
  • Straight Arrows • Putting Memories and Bows Together

    Episode 1

    Chasing Whitetails with bows in the Lone Star State.

  • The Right Medicine • Elk and Hunting the Country

    Episode 2

    As the company's flagship product for delivering the true, positive message of our sport, Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country continues to be the nation's leader in outdoor television. Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country is an action-packed half-hour of outdoor entertainment that carries the powerful mes...