Hunting the Country

Hunting the Country

17 Seasons

Hunting stories from the very heart of the tradition share memories from our common past and collective future on our brand’s flagship series. Launched in 1995 and in continuous production ever since, one of the longest-running series in outdoor television remains one of the most popular because, no matter how much technology comes into play, at its heart, hunting’s heritage remains the same.

Hunting the Country
  • Deep In the Heart • Bow Hunting Old School Style

    Episode 1

    Brothers Gene and Barry Wensel have made a life of living outdoors, and through their efforts, they've shown a side of nature to the public that many would never have known.

  • Closing the Gap • Family Business with Family Values

    Episode 2

    Time spent out of doors between family members is, quite possibly, the most precious of all, and that's what we're all about this week. Rick Rodhouse and son, Matt Rodhouse, show us their family values and family business.

  • Mis-Hap • Home Away From Home

    Episode 3

    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that befall us when we take to the field with archery gear in hand are a big part of the game's attraction. You just never know what's going to happen next. Deborah and Steve Fox show us their home away from home.

  • Riding the Pine • Never Forget Where You Came From

    Episode 4

    No matter how famous a Major League Baseball player gets, there's always a slice of home somewhere down deep that keeps him grounded. For these big league boys, a morning in the deer woods is hard to beat. Charlie O'Brien, Woody Williams, and John Mabry show us their skills at hunting deer.

  • A View to a Kill • Make the Most of Every Opportunity

    Episode 5

    No one gets closer to more game than the Mossy Oak Camo Cameras, and when they get a chance to take the field with hunting gear instead of a video camera, you can count on them making the most of the opportunity. Rusty McDaniels has his chance. Will he make the most of it?

  • Brand New Outfit • New Gear and Turkey Hunting

    Episode 6

    Getting started in the outfitting game is never easy, but when you've got a great tract of hunting land, and some dedicated guys with great personalities to go with it, you're already more than halfway there.

  • What a Butte • Great Bucks Beautiful Landscape

    Episode 7

    We're heading out to the open spaces of the American West on a whitetail hunt. No other game animal draws a similar share of the sportsman's attention, and this exciting hunt shows why.

  • Just Once • Going into the Alaskan Wilderness

    Episode 8

    Some things in life are worth doing once in a lifetime, and an Alaskan Moose hunt is just such a trip for one retired Major League Baseball player. We'll follow the trials, tribulations and triumphs of this epic adventure.

  • It's All About the Tape • Mississippi Turkey Birds

    Episode 9

    We're heading to south Mississippi for a set of spring turkey hunts with some old friends. We'll look at the many forms our tradition takes on as it's passed along from father to son, and we'll sit in on some great turkey hunting action along the way.

  • Ties that Bind • Reuniting a Friendship the Mossy Oak Way

    Episode 10

    Friendships forged in the outdoors last longer than others it seems, because the friends always share the common ground of hunting. We'll follow a pair of good buddies out West as they renew a friendship while hunting the big whitetails that draw hunters from across the continent.

  • Vitamin C • Orange Bushes and Turkey Calling

    Episode 11

    A citrus farm in south Florida plays host to a father and son turkey hunting expedition. The wary Osceola requires more of a hunter than a sound call and a steady hand, and the added challenge of location, location, location helps this pair enjoy a hard-won retreat.

  • Double Gobble • Double the Hunting Experience

    Episode 12

    Twins Josh and Bray Haven take to the woods with their uncle for a week of turkey school Oklahoma style. These boys are learning the trade at the hands of an experienced woodsman, and both pick up some great lessons along the way.

  • Living a Dream • A Future Field Producer in the Making

    Episode 13

    One young man who's made capturing outdoor video his passion shares some time in the field with the Mossy Oak Camo Camera crew, taking us along on a great hunt with his dad and offering some insight on another angle at the abiding enthusiasm that drives us all.

  • Dream a Little Dream • Catch-A-Dream Helps a Young Man in Need

    Episode 14

    A young man gets an experience of a lifetime when Catch-A-Dream helps out. Watch how his troubles and tribulations capture the entire crew.

  • Bases Loaded • Baseball Players and Bows

    Episode 15

    A group of friends head to North Dakota with stick and string in hand as they hunt whitetail deer and rejoin a favorite tradition.

  • Muddy Waters • Giles Island, A Place Where Beasts Roam

    Episode 16

    Muddy Waters - We're heading down to the mouth of the Mississippi River for a pair of whitetail hunts on an island that time forgot.

  • Where There's a Will • Will Jimeno's 9-11 Story

    Episode 17

    On the eve of the release of the Hollywood movie telling his story, we'll visit again with Port Authority Police Officer Will Jimeno, a survivor of the 9-11 attack on New York's World Trade Center towers. We'll follow him afield in pursuit of a whitetail deer, and hear how fate and providence tou...

  • Killer B's • Best Friends and Bows

    Episode 18

    Guys who are the best of friends head out West on a bowhunt for the ages. With archery gear in hand, they experience all the highs and lows a Texas whitetail hunt has to offer.

  • Copy That • A Little R&R for Law Enforcement

    Episode 19

    There's nothing like time off for a hunting trip to recharge the batteries, and two small-town police have one opportunity they don't let slip away. We'll see what hunting means to a pair of law enforcement professionals from Mississippi as they head down by the Rio Grande for a little R&R.

  • Platter Up • Frigid Temperatures Make for Good Hunts

    Episode 20

    Two guys who've been friends for years head to the Badlands for an archery mule deer hunt they'll always remember. Deep snow, frigid temperatures and some close encounters of the mule deer kind make this one trip they'll never forget.

  • The Gift • Two Brothers with the Same Obsession

    Episode 21

    Two brothers who grew up hunting together share a Texas whitetail hunt that combines rifle, bow, and luck both good and bad, bringing it all together with lots of new memories waiting to be made.

  • The Biggest Buck That Ever Lived • The Largest Buck to One Man

    Episode 22

    We're following one young man to whom any buck is a trophy, but for whom luck has not smiled in many a moon, until now.

  • A Cut Above • A Father and Son Go Above and Beyond

    Episode 23

    We're following a father and son combination of hunters on a Kansas whitetail adventure that involves high treestands and even higher levels of excitement.

  • How to Earn a Buck • A Young Man and Strong Work Ethic

    Episode 24

    Blake Dial has grown up working in his grandparents' restaurant, but a passion for hunting consumes all of his free time. We'll visit this youngster's place of business, then follow him to the deer woods and see what makes him tick.