Hunting the Country

Hunting the Country

17 Seasons

Hunting stories from the very heart of the tradition share memories from our common past and collective future on our brand’s flagship series. Launched in 1995 and in continuous production ever since, one of the longest-running series in outdoor television remains one of the most popular because, no matter how much technology comes into play, at its heart, hunting’s heritage remains the same.

Hunting the Country
  • Way Out West • Elk Hunting with Bow in New Mexico

    Episode 1

    Out West, where the winds are wild and the possibilities are as big as the horizon, you never know what adventure awaits you on the other side of the hill. We'll head to San Antonio for the conclusion of the Mossy Oak Sportsman's Challenge, a shooting competition that's sure to get your heart rac...

  • Spirits of the Wild • Bob Dixon Bow Hunting in Iowa

    Episode 2

    Situated in the bluff country of southeastern Iowa, Timberghost Ranch is located in some of the finest Whitetail Deer country to be found in North America. The region has consistently produced many of the very finest Whitetail Deers harvested each year. Considering its history, the area's native ...

  • Slugshells & Smokepoles • Whitetail Deer Hunts in Illinois and Missouri

    Episode 3

    More than simply adding to the challenge, hunting with a muzzleloader or a slug gun adds to the excitement of the chase. It adds another element to the story, makes the memories run broader, and the tradition run deeper. This week, we'll follow a slug gun hunter at 4 The Sport in Illinois, then t...

  • Slings and Arrows • Bowhunting the Mississippi River Backwoods

    Episode 4

    There's nothing like a bowhunt to give new meaning to the term frustration, or new depth to the term, satisfaction. We've got some of each this week as we head down the Mississippi River to Giles Island for a pair of exciting late season bowhunts. Then we'll take a look behind the scenes and find...

  • Rattling and Running • Whitetail Hunts in Kansas and Mississippi

    Episode 5

    From the great Plains to the Deep South, there's no time quite as exciting for Whitetail Deer hunters as the rut. With bucks on the move, fighting and cruising for does at all hours of the day and night, you just never know what may happen, or when it may take place. This week, we've got a pair o...

  • Catch-A-Dream • Texas Turkey Hunting with Kids

    Episode 6

    Every day spent under God's great blue skies is a blessing, but sometimes in the field, we run into a story greater than any other. Through the Catch-A-Dream foundation, youngsters in dire health get to experience nature in ways they otherwise could not, and more fully than we who also love the w...

  • From Border to Bama • Whitetail Hunts in Alabama and Canada

    Episode 7

    This week our Camo Cameras will bring you two great Whitetail Deer hunts � one from the sub-arctic regions of Canada, the other from the sub-tropics of South Alabama. But when the deer are on the move, the only borders that count are the ones the deer respect. We'll follow one hunter's quest to e...

  • Mossy Oak Super Hunt • Chasing Monster Bucks in Alabama

    Episode 8

    Last fall hunters from all across the nation came to central Alabama to hunt with the Mossy Oak staff and Camo Cameras on our first-ever Superhunt. The hunters received some excellent gear, had some outstanding hunts and, most of all, had a great time. We'll hang out in camp to see what that atmo...

  • Sand Hill Special • Nebraska Whitetails in the Rut

    Episode 9

    In the heart of America's Great Plains, on the banks of the Republican River, sits Hunt Nebraska, an outfitting operation that introduces hunters to the joys and the hardships of the open country every year. We'll follow two veteran hunters, one a Plains veteran and one making his first hunting t...

  • Waterfowl to Wapiti • Ducks in Arkansas - Elk Hunt in Colorado

    Episode 10

    In the heart of every hunter lives a longing for our world's wild places. Land beyond roads and trails and time that few ever see. Our association with the animals that call that land home, however, brings a touch of those lands to our hearts. This week, we'll visit Buckshot Lodge near world famo...

  • Responsible Timber Management • Alabama Whitetail and Turkey Hunts

    Episode 11

    As one of the largest land managers in the world, International Paper Company takes its responsibilities to wildlife to heart. Since 1889, they've been taking care of the wildlife that calls their timberlands home. This week, we'll follow a mid-rut deer hunt and a spring turkey hunt on land IP ma...