Hunting the Country

Hunting the Country

17 Seasons

Hunting stories from the very heart of the tradition share memories from our common past and collective future on our brand’s flagship series. Launched in 1995 and in continuous production ever since, one of the longest-running series in outdoor television remains one of the most popular because, no matter how much technology comes into play, at its heart, hunting’s heritage remains the same.

Hunting the Country
  • The Heart of the Matter, Part 2 • Whitetails in Mississippi

    Episode 1

    The men and women of law enforcement find support from those who share their cause through Sportsmen Organized for Law Enforcement. The story is best told in the context of whitetail hunts in the heart of the Mississippi rut.

  • Heart and SOLE pt 2 • Whitetails in MS

    Episode 2

    The men and women of law enforcement face challenges far greater than most people would ever imagine, and they enjoy quiet time in the woods all the more as a result. Learn the first and share the second on this big buck bonanza in Mississippi.