Homegrown Experience

Homegrown Experience

3 Seasons

Home Grown follows Austin Musselman, Todd Carter and Glen Eilers on Austin’s Kentucky farm. In this multiple episode series, we follow Austin and his team as they hunt giant whitetails over the year. Over the course of 10 years, Austin turned his families three generation cattle farm into a deer hunting paradise. All of their hard work payed off when Austin killed the Kentucky state record non-typical buck with a bow. We follow their hunts and they show us why they are so successful at harvesting giant whitetails.

Homegrown Experience
  • Chasing Monster Mule Deer in the Utah Mountains • Homegrown Experience

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Austin Musselman of Homegrown Experience and good friend Bill Mudd head to Utah in search of giant Mule Deer with Wild Country Outfitters. They spend multiple days searching thousands of acres of Utah mountains for that trophy of a lifetime.

  • Surprise Buck During Kentucky Youth Season • Homegrown Experience

    Episode 2

    Kentucky youth deer season is a time for young hunters to learn valuable lessons and skills. We are all guilty of using our phones to pass the time when the action is slow and a lot of time the action slips upon us without us even knowing it. Ford Musselman of Homegrown Experience has put many tr...

  • Monster Bucks and Coyotes • Homegrown Experience

    Episode 3

    In this episode coyotes seem to have it out for Austin and his deer season plans. Seems like every time Austin has an encounter with a big mature buck, Coyotes enter the scene....(a lot of coyotes. )

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  • 8 yard bow kill on huge Kentucky Whitetail • Homegrown Experience

    Episode 4

    Austin has been chasing 3 specific mature deer and he finally catches up to one and it turns out the be the most exciting hunt of his life. "Little Glenn" is a beautiful mature Whitetail that Austin and Field have had a pervious encounter with but 8 coyotes decided to ruin the hunt.

    For all your...