Grand Slam

Grand Slam

10 Episodes

From Osceolas on to Easterns, from Merriam's to the Rio Grandes, launch into turkey season on Mossy Oak GO with 10 episodes of non-stop action. We're making our start where it all begins, chasing Osceolas in southern Florida, then following the seasons north and west as they begin. Week by week, we'll add new episodes until the rites of spring are in full bloom everywhere, only on Mossy Oak GO.

Grand Slam
  • Grand Slam • Episode 1 • Osceola

    Episode 1

    Follow your favorite cast of characters to southern Florida and kick the season off right with five action-packed hunts. Toxey Haas leads us out of the gate, followed by Greg Briggs, Rusty McDaniels, Bob Walker and Bill Sugg, each taking his swing at the opening pitches of Mossy Oak's Grand Slam.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 2 • Osceola

    Episode 2

    We're deep in the south Florida swamps in Week 2, chasing Osceolas with Mossy Oak's Neill and Daniel Haas, Jon Tatum, Bob Walker and Bubba Bruce.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 3 • Easterns

    Episode 3

    Gobbles are booming through the hardwoods as the Easterns get their show underway. Join Toxey Haas, Greg Briggs, Rusty McDaniels, Bob Walker and Paul Butski as the birds strut in too close for comfort.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 4 • Easterns

    Episode 4

    Gobbles are ringing through the timber as Mr. Fox Haas heads to the hardwood bottoms of Alabama, then Bubba Bruce, Paul Butski, Hank Parker and Ben Maki try their hands all across the East.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 5 • Easterns

    Episode 5

    Big, booming gobbles of Easterns in the green landscapes get our obsession working overtime. Rusty McDaniels, Keith Kelly, Jody Davis, Bob Walker and Daniel Haas all try their hands in the hardwoods.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 6 • Rios

    Episode 6

    Join the Mossy Oak crew west of the Mississippi on a set of mornings we all cherish. Follow Toxey Haas, Vandy Stubbs, Joe White, Kevin Tate, Paul Butski, Ben Maki and Chris Paradise as the Rio Grande gobblers get closer and closer.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 7 • Rios

    Episode 7

    Turkey season takes us to Texas and the Midwest when the Rios begin to roar. Follow Ben Maki, Dustin Whitacre, Jon Tatum, Neill Haas and Rusty McDaniels as they battle the gobblers of the grain belt.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 8 • Rios

    Episode 8

    From the Southwest to the Midwest, there's nothing like the gobbles that echo from a Rio Grande. Head out beneath the high blue skies with Greg Briggs, Bob Walker, Jon Tatum, Jody Davis and Rusty McDaniels to soak in some of the greatest sights and sounds of spring.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 9 • Merriams

    Episode 9

    In the western U.S., the Merriam’s turkey’s gobbles ring throughout the mountains. In this episode, we follow Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, Bubba Bruce, Greg Briggs, Jim Conner, and Paul Butski on their quest to fill their white-tipped tags.

  • Grand Slam • Episode 10 • Merriams

    Episode 10

    In the final episode of the series, we follow Greg Briggs, Bob Walker, Brandt Rutland, Jody Davis, and Bubba Bruce as they chase the Merriam’s turkey of the West.