GK Season 6

GK Season 6

9 Episodes

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GK Season 6
  • BoarBuster Traps • Controlling Wild Hog Populations with Boarbuster Traps

    Episode 1

    The Noble Foundation and WW Livestock systems teamed up and created a fully suspended hog trap that deploys remotely from your cell phone. This is after being able to watch the hogs enter the trap on a live feed through the use of cameras at the trap site. They explain all the benefits of this tr...

  • Springtime Tips • Spring Property Management and Turkey Hunting

    Episode 2

    Kenny Thompson and Jarod Jackson share a few springtime property management practices that they use while managing different farms in Tennessee and Illinois.
    In this episode Kenny Thompson cuts corn to prepare the field for turkey season, fertilizes oak trees, and shows us one of his oldest clov...

  • Oklahoma Part 1 • Growing Whitetails on a Working Cattle Ranch

    Episode 3

    Lee Ticknor manages for wildlife on Rock Bottom Ranch in Oklahoma with the help of two teenage boys. The boys work hard planting food plots, fixing fences to keep cows out of the food plots, and other chores around the farm to earn their right to hunt. They spend their down time in a roping pen, ...

  • Oklahoma Part 2 • Hunting Rock Bottom Ranch with The Habit

    Episode 4

    Lee Ticknor welcomes in Chuck Belmore, Jon Justice, and John Paul Morris from the Habit TV show. Chuck, Jon, and JP have been hunting Rock Bottom Ranch for several years and return every year for the incredible bow hunting and the time spent in the goat roping arena.

  • The Doe's Choice • MSU Deer Lab Research Project

    Episode 5

    Mississippi State Deer Lab is conducting a study to better predict rut zones in Mississippi. In addition to this study they are swapping antlers on same size and age bucks and putting them in adjacent pens to a hot doe and see if she prefers bucks with bigger antlers.

  • Grand Rack • Beaver Trapping and Property Management in Michigan

    Episode 6

    Adam Osmun of Grand Rack Hunting Club in Michigan explains some of the challenges he faces as a Gamekeeper. When developing a management plan for the property he found that Grand Rack was a big swamp an ongoing beaver problem, rocky soil from being in a glacier drop zone, and a low deer density d...

  • Full Circle • Growing and Harvesting a 267-Inch Kentucky Giant

    Episode 7

    Austin Mussellman tells the story of a giant buck that he tracks for years through game camera pics and ultimately with the help of his friends works out a game plan to harvest the buck.
    Austin and his crew also conduct a controlled burn and search for shed antlers on the property.

  • Gamekeeper Field Notes • Tree Planting Tips & Tour of Nativ Nurseries

    Episode 8

    In this episode of Gamekeepers TV we cover a variety of property management practices.
    Don Keller of American Sportfish shows the importance of fertilizing your pond.
    Dudley Phelps tells how Nativ Nurseries got started and talks about Hybrid Oaks, air pruning containers and Chestnut trees.

  • Doves and Dogs • Alabama Dove Hunting with the Dove Czar

    Episode 9

    Vandy Collins hosts a dove hunt on his property in Alabama. Along the way he gives the viewer tips on sunflowers and corn and general dove hunting information.
    Bill Gibson of Gamekeeper Kennels tells how he got into training dogs. He demonstrates a few training techniques for dogs.