GK Season 4

GK Season 4

12 Episodes

GK Season 4
  • Welcome to the Roost, Baby • The Enjoyment of Having a Duck Roost

    Episode 1

    This week we’ll learn about duck roosts with Phil Barker and what a privilege it is to have one on your property. We’ll also play with explosives as an exciting alternative method to get rid of beaver dams.

  • Doves and Trees • Dove Field Management and Tree Planting Tips

    Episode 2

    Today we’ll visit with Vandy Collins of Alabama who is an expert at attracting doves and putting on dove shoots. If you participate in the September tradition of shooting America’s favorite game bird you’ll learn something you can use.

    Bronson Strickland from Mississippi State and Nativ Nurse...

  • Leaving a Mark • Imprinting Ducks and Finding Indian Artifacts

    Episode 3

    In today’s show we’ll visit with Bo Prestige to talk about imprinting waterfowl. And Ron and Tes Jolly of Alabama talk about the original GameKeepers as they find some Indian artifacts on their property.

  • Producing Results • Part 1 • Gator Hunting and Maximizing Food Plot Potential

    Episode 4

    This week we’ll travel to Giles Island for an alligator hunt. That’s right, it’s the end of the summer in Mississippi and gator season is starting. And we’ll revisit with Bronson Strickland from Mississippi State University and this time he’ll show us how to scientifically determine a food plot’s...

  • Producing Results • Part 2 • Gator Hunting and Maximizing Food Plot Potential

    Episode 5

    In today’s show, the gator hunt is still on in Mississippi. Plus Xavier Fairly, Wingshooting Instructor from Prairie Wildlife is giving us some shotgun tips to help you improve your average.

  • Woods and Waterfowl • Timber and Waterfowl Management

    Episode 6

    In today’s show we’ll visit Bo Prestige and learn some of his trials and tribulations of managing for waterfowl. Bronson Strickland from Mississippi State will show us the progress they’ve made on a tract of timber they’re managing for revenue and hunting.

  • Good Luck Clover • Managing Clover Plots

    Episode 7

    In this episode, we have two GameKeepers that are truly experts at managing for whitetail deer. Kenny Thompson hails from Tennessee and David Westmorland from Missouri, and both are very good at what they do.

  • Tracks and Tracts • Training Tracking Dogs and Timber Management

    Episode 8

    Today we’ll learn how to train a tracking dog and Bronson Strickland will show us how to thin timber to manage for specific species of wildlife. Even if you don’t own land, this could be something that helps your hunting by helping you understand how habitat impacts certain species. GameKeeper cl...

  • Trees, Tracking and Trapping • Three Helpful Subjects for Gamekeepers

    Episode 9

    In today’s show, Ron and Tess Jolly share some wisdom for establishing soft and hard mast orchards for wildlife. We’ll also learn about training a tracking dog for deer. And later on, Willie Beam shares the results of his trapping efforts.

  • Midwest to MIssissippi • Whitetail Tips and Trapping Beavers

    Episode 10

    Today we travel to the midwest to visit with GamKeeper David Westmoreland as he shares his secrets to growing big deer. Later we’ll check in with trapper Willie Bean as he sets traps for some Mississippi predators. As always, we hope you learn a tip or technique that you can use to get the most o...

  • Small Details • Whitetail Tips and Trapping Beavers

    Episode 11

    Today’s show theme is about small details that can have a major impact on your property. We’ll visit with Tim Wood about managing his property for whitetails and trapper Willie Dale Beam helps us take out some predators.

  • Dog Training • Training Dogs to Find Deer Sheds

    Episode 12

    Today we’ll learn several details that will make your hunts and hunting camp more enjoyable. Shed hunting is growing in popularity and a good shed dog can make the task of finding sheds much easier, especially in thick places like the deep south. Randy Vick of Georgia has some shed hunting tips t...