GK Season 3

GK Season 3

8 Episodes

GK Season 3
  • Gamekeeper Training • Part 1

    Episode 1

    Robert Arthur gets help from Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Austin Delano in Central Tennessee and Doug Dean give land and wildlife management tips in Central Alabama.

  • Gamekeeper Training • Part 2

    Episode 2

    `A follow up episode from GameKeeper Training Part 1, Robert Arthur and Austin Delano continue land improvement practices in Central Tennessee. We also continue to follow along with Doug Dean for some Central Alabama habitat improvement tips, tactics and strategies.

  • Managing Land for Wild Turkeys • Part 1

    Episode 3

    Looking for info on improving the wild turkey habitat on your property? Congrats – you’ve found the right video. Watch as Bobby Watkins begins clearing an area to create a feeding ground for wild turkeys and Glenn Garner discusses an array of property enhancement tips, tricks and tactics in West ...

  • Managing Turkey Habitat • Part 2

    Episode 4

    Improving wild turkey habitat is essential to a healthy flock. Join Bobby Watkins as he finishes up his feeding ground for wild turkeys and Glenn Garner discusses more property highlights in West Georgia at the Foxworthy farm with Jacob Womack.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 1

    Episode 5

    Have a wild hog infestation on your property? We feel your pain. Follow along with us as the guys from Jager Pro come to West Point, Ms to evaluate wild pig problem and build traps fit with innovative technology. We’ll cover the latest in wild hog research, trapping and other eradication techniques.

  • Wild Hog Eradication • Part 2

    Episode 6

    The guys from Jager Pro continue in West Point, Mississippi with wild pig eradication techniques, tips and tactics.

  • Diversity is Key • Habitat for All Wildlife

    Episode 7

    Dan Moultrie and Jody Graff talk about how being diverse can enhance wildlife. It’s important to manage for all types of wildlife. Our ecosystems are very interdependent. Learn how everything from the bugs to coyotes play a vital role in improving the land. We’ll cover various food plot plants, t...

  • Comfort and Concealment • Tips for Successful Hunting

    Episode 8

    As you already know, an important part of hunting is the ability to remain still, quiet and camouflaged when the time comes. Follow along with us as Dan Moultrie and Jody Graff discuss various tips, tactics and strategies for staying hidden and comfortable while hunting.