GK Season 1

GK Season 1

12 Episodes

GK Season 1
  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 1 • Catching Coyotes

    Episode 1

    Watch trapper Kyle Lofton in action as he shows you how he catches a coyote.

  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 2 • Trapping Coyotes

    Episode 2

    This week were back with trapper Kyle Lofton to watch as he takes on more coyotes and an unhappy bobcat.

  • Catch Dog Chronicles • Part 3 • Coyote Trapping

    Episode 3

    Kyle Lofton is back catching coyotes on a land owner’s property. This time his daughter, Kylie joins him in his pursuit to remove predators from his land. Coyotes are one of the top predators of game species, watch as Kyle goes to work on eliminating this threat.

  • Men of Steel • Visit the Steelman Farm in Tennessee

    Episode 4

    The Steelman family manages several cattle farms across the southeast. In this episode they show a unique track of land that they have to carry water by boat to.

  • Roundstone Seed • The Nativ Nurseries Crew Tours A Native Grass and Wildflower Farm

    Episode 5

    Watch as the crew from Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries visits Roundstone Native Seed farm in Kentucky. This place has tons of cool adventures to offer, not to mention more native grass and wildflower species than you can imagine.

  • Briggs Time • Land Clearing in Mississippi

    Episode 6

    Gregg Briggs of Mossy Oak Land Enhancement Services demonstrates how he clears tracks of land and what equipment he uses. Wildlife habitat improvement is a huge part of being a GameKeeper, watch as we show you some how-to tips for success.

  • Crafty Kenny • Preparing, Planting and Maintaining Food Plots

    Episode 7

    Kenny Thompson of Plots Plus gives tips on preparing ground for planting as well as mowing and spraying clover.

  • Return to Paradise • Preparing Land for Waterfowl and Doves

    Episode 8

    This week we revisit Mossy Oak’s Chris Paradise in Ohio and see how his waterfowl habitat project is progressing.

  • The Buttahatchie • A Streamside Bank Restoration Project

    Episode 9

    A bank restoration project on the Buttahatchie River in North East Mississippi. Streamside management is a great way to improve habitat for wildlife in on and around the water. Learn why, watch now!

  • Next of Ken • Planting Trees for Property

    Episode 10

    Looking to keep nosey neighbors from looking onto your fields from across the property line? Maybe you want to create a screen to visually block your stand approach from a food plot. Kenny Thompson of Plots Plus in Tennessee talks about trees and strategic places to plant them to create visual sc...

  • Marlene Management • Husband and Wife Gamekeepers in Wisconsin

    Episode 11

    Watch as this husband and wife Gamekeeper duo discuss techniques used to increase the wildlife habitat on their property in Wisconsin. They’ll cover an array of conservation and land improvement tips and tactics used to make their piece of dirt the very best.

  • Picture Perfect • Property Management Tips for Whitetails

    Episode 12

    Wildlife photographer Michael Engelmeyer gives property management tips for wildlife in Missouri. Mike manages his farm for whitetails, turkey and waterfowl. Walk with us as he covers the various tips, strategies and tactics used to make his piece of land the very best for the critters that call ...