7 Episodes

The giant bucks that every hunter dreams about... Or at least the ones that amaze us!

  • Giants • Buckeye Booner

    We've all had at least one deer that keeps us up at night. This show is about that kind of deer.

  • Giants • Ben Maki in Kentucky

    Everyone that hunts whitetails has had at least one experience with a giant. We all remember at least one deer that stays with us - that keeps us up at night... leaves us with memories so clear that even decades later we can still recall exactly what they look like.

    If I asked you right now, "...

  • Giants • Rusty McDaniels in Texas

    Episode 3

    We all remember at least one deer that stays with us. This show is about that kind of deer. In this episode, we follow Rusty McDaniels on a quest to harvest his biggest buck to date in Texas.

  • Giants • Snowflake

    Episode 4

    In this episode the homegrown experience crew finally caps off a 6 year quest to harvest an all-white velvet deer they call snowflake.

  • Giants • Rusty at Clear Fork Ranch

    Episode 5

    Rusty McDaniels heads to Clear Fork Ranch, Texas for their pre-rut in search of a heavy 12 point buck.

  • Giants • Walt at Clear Fork

    Episode 6

    In this episode of Giants, Walt Gabbard travels to Texas to fulfil a life-long dream of a true Texas Giant.

  • Kentucky Home Dirt • Giants

    Episode 7

    Mossy Oak's Ben Maki works to crack the code on a big buck he's been following for years on his farm in Kentucky. From 5 years old to 6 years old, the buck blows up and becomes a bonafide giant. He's worth the wait--can Ben bring it home?

    For all your  hunting gear needs, head to the Mossy O...