Gamekeeper Tips from DOD

Gamekeeper Tips from DOD

11 Episodes

Tips on Farm, Hunting, Land and WIldlife Management from the DOD Crew.

Gamekeeper Tips from DOD
  • New Farm • GK Tip

    Episode 1

    Trying to plot on a new piece of land can be intimidating for the uninitiated, but Terry Drury is here to guide you through the process.

  • Perennial Maintenance • GK Tip

    Episode 2

    Mossy Oak Biologic's Austin Delano gives us some crucial information on how to give your perennial foodplot a jumpstart this Spring!

  • New Farm Mercer • GK Tip

    Episode 3

    Mark Drury takes you along as he explores a new farm, and, along the way, gives out his own tips and tricks for managing new property.

  • Browse Pressure • GK Tip

    Episode 4

    Browse pressure isn't something most think about but it's definitely a key component to food plot management.

  • Affordable Food Plots • GK Tip

    Episode 5

    Dustin Wiseman explains the best ways of planting and maintaining a food plot on a budget.

  • Essential Nutrients • GK Tip

    Episode 6

    There's a secret to making sure your foodplot has the best nutrition possible, and Dustin Wiseman is ready to share.

  • Soil Test • GK Tip

    Episode 7

    John Williams takes you step by step through the process of testing your soil.

  • Camera Surveys • GK Tip

    Episode 8

    Doing an accurate camera survey for your herd can be tricky, but Austin Delano has some tips for you.

  • Warm Season Perennials • GK Tip

    Episode 9

    There's a lot of confusion as to when its best to plant a perennial food plot. Luckily, Austin Delano has the answers.

  • Chemical Treatments • GK Tip

    Episode 10

    There's a lot of options when it comes to treating your food plots for unwanted guests, but John Williams narrows it down.

  • Prepping Equipment for the Winter • GK Tip

    Episode 11

    It's always important to make sure your equipment is taken care of when it gets icy outside, and Austin Delano tells you how.