Gamekeeper Field Days

Gamekeeper Field Days

4 Episodes

Gamekeeper Field Days
  • Gamekeeper Field Days • Burning Men

    Episode 1

    Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas, his son Daniel Haas, and David Hawley do some late winter/early spring burning. Toxey, a self proclaimed "pyromaniac" when it comes to property management, looks forward to this event every year. Powered by OnX Hunt.

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  • Gamekeeper Field Days • Save the Poults

    Episode 2

    Using the Onx app to track his trap placement, Gamekeeper, David Hawley, explains how predator management can make or break turkey habitats.

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  • Gamekeeper Field Days • Family Tradition

    Episode 3

    Discover how wildlife helped save a family farm and created a Gamekeeper in the process. We're joined by Wendy McFarland, as she takes us on a tour of her 8th generation family farm explaining how her love of farming transformed into guided hunts and farming specifically for wildlife.

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  • Gamekeeper Kennels | Gamekeeper Field Days

    Episode 4

    Mossy Oak's Gamekeeper Kennels specializes in the breeding and training the best Labrador Retrievers meant for loving, hunting families.

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