Full Strut

Full Strut

2 Seasons

All turkey. All archery. Join the Heartland Bowhunter crew as they chase gobblers all over the Midwest, run-and-gun style with a bow!

Full Strut
  • Full Strut • Episode 1 • Turkey Creek

    Episode 1

    Looking to take advantage of the early archery season in Nebraksa, Mike and Joey head west to hunt with our good friends at Heartland Pride Outfitters. While this area of Nebraska is known for the plethora of rios and hybrids, neither of them expected a hunt like this!

  • Full Strut • Episode 2 • Repeat Success

    Episode 2

    Skyler and Clayton typically kick off their turkey season in Kansas each year hunting the early archery season. Having hunted the same properties for the past several years, they typically have a great idea of where to start and after going back to back last year, they are excited to try and pull...

  • Full Strut • Episode 3 • Back To Back

    Episode 3

    After a couple years of lower than usual turkey numbers, things seem to be on the rebound as Trent and Derek take to the field for the opening week of Kansas turkey season. Timing could not be any more perfect as the birds are fired up and in the perfect mood!

  • Full Strut • Episode 4 • Two in Two

    Episode 4

    To start his season, Shawn heads to western Kansas to hunt with Midwest Land Group’s Cole Shew. Having had success hunting deer in the past with Cole, Shawn was optimistic of what the week would hold and it did not disappoint!

  • Full Strut • Episode 5 • Just in Time

    After a couple days of hunting and several close calls, Mike & the guys make a move to try to get in front of a group of birds mid-morning. As they scramble to set up, the birds round the bend and the guys are forced to hit the dirt to avoid being caught moving.

  • Full Strut • Episode 6 • Tempermental

    Episode 6

    The opening week of Missouri season has dealt Mike some very stubborn birds. Sometimes you can do everything just right and it doesn’t seem to matter. 4 days into the season, after several heart-breaks, he finally finds a bird that wants to play rough and another that doesn’t want to leave!

  • Full Strut • Episode 7 • Turf & Surf

    Episode 7

    It can be so frustrating when you are sure it’s going to finally come together and the birds decide to do something completely different. On the flip side, all of that can change in the blink of an eye. After several close calls, Ty & Andy catch exactly the break they were looking for allowing th...

  • Full Strut • Episode 8 • On a String

    Episode 8

    Each and every spring Ty makes it a point to spend some time hunting with his father and his daughter, but it’s a rarity that he's able to hunt with them both at the same time. This year though, they were able to get out twice and the second time out was a hunt they won't soon forget!

  • Full Strut • Episode 10 • Mixed Bag

    Episode 10

    Kicking off every turkey season in Kansas is something that Ty and Andy always look forward to. This year, however, was a little different in years past. They hunted hard, but failed to get birds to commit to the decoys during the early season. After finding some success in Missouri, they head b...