Four For Feathers

Four For Feathers

4 Episodes

Four For Feathers
  • Ambushing Oregon Cacklers • Four for Feathers

    Episode 1

    Cackling geese aren’t much larger than a mallard, but come late November in northwest Oregon, these diminutive, wary geese offer some big-time waterfowling fun.

  • Arkansas Greenheads Through The Trees • Four For Feathers

    Episode 2

    When our team strikes out in a prime Stuttgart-area field, some newly flooded timber delivers the type of fast-paced mallard hunting action avid waterfowlers see mostly in dreams.

  • Riding the Rocks For Maine Sea Ducks • Four For Feathers

    Episode 3

    Stonington, Maine, is best known for its legendary lobster harvest, and also, to avid waterfowlers, for its concentration of Common Eiders. The handsome, distinctively marked birds remain one of the sport’s undisputed bucket-list trophies.

  • Oklahoma Late Season Mixed-Bag Success • Four For Feathers

    Episode 4

    A wide variety of ducks. A couple species of geese. Western Oklahoma may be best known for its deer and turkey hunting, but come December, the varied terrain of this Central Flyway sleeper state becomes a migrating waterfowl mecca.