Flip The Farm

Flip The Farm

3 Episodes

Follow Levi and Samantha Morgan as they sink their roots and paint their dreams onto the hills and hollows southwestern Pennsylvania. They're restoring, renovating and reinventing the buildings and byways of a forgotten farm to create a hideout for wild game and hunters alike.

Flip The Farm
  • New Dirt • Flip The Farm

    Episode 1

    While Levi has turkeys on his brain, there is work to be done. In this episode Levi turns up new dirt as well has helping Samantha out with the initial gut job renovating the lodge.

  • Dead LInes • Flip The Farm

    Episode 2

    On this episode the Morgans are faced with a handful of bumps in the road. From electrical issues to tight deadlines.

  • Early Season Preparation • Flip The Farm

    Episode 3

    Levi needs to elevate his shadow hunter blinds. The muddy fields however have different plans. Although the work can be a headache, He is reminded of why it’s worth it when he and the family glasses the bean fields at sundown.