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  • Kevin VanDam • The Obsessed

    Episode 1

    Whether it's on the water or in the woods, KVD is obsessed with the outdoors. Take an inside look into his personal farm and his passion for taking care of his piece of dirt for future generations.

  • Brandon Palaniuk • Bass Fishing • Elements

    Episode 2

    Brandon Palaniuk, 2017 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, discusses his life as a professional bass fisherman and the journey he took to get there. He dives into his evolution as a fisherman. Palaniuk dedicated his life as a young man to create a lifestyle that he felt he wouldn’t need to vacation from...

  • Ott DeFoe • Bass Fishing in East Tennessee

    Episode 3

    Ott DeFoe is a fierce competitor in the Bassmaster Elite Series. Watch as he fishes in his local water, in east Tennessee’s Holston River for large and smallmouth bass.

    DeFoe won the 2011 Bassmaster All-Star Champion and Rookie of the Year award and has competed in Bassmaster Classic, Bassma...

  • Ben Maki • Snake River Fly Fishing

    Episode 4

    There are those places, those pursuits that define, connect and refresh us. That is where we are in our element. Ben Maki’s element is fly fishing. In this episode of “Elements,” he’s fly fishing the Snake River, a place that is home to him.

  • Jon & Mitch • Bass Fishing Pickwick Lake

    Episode 5

    Mossy Oak's own Jon Tatum joins his fishing buddy and local legend Mitch Harrison as they share their fishing passion pursuing largemouth bass in north Mississippi.

  • Bobby Cole • Bass Fishing Alabama

    Episode 6

    Bobby Cole, President of Mossy Oak BioLogic, shares his history with fishing crediting his father with the love he has for the sport. Bobby uses his father's tackle box to this day and it helps remind him of the times they shared on the water. Fishing is a great way to spend time with those you l...

  • Kevin VanDam • Bass Fishing Michigan

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Elements, Kevin VanDam revisits School Section Lake, the Michigan lake he started fishing as a kid that ignited his obsession for fishing. VanDam recounts the memories that helped shape him into the person and professional he is today.

  • Gerald Swindle • Bass Fishing Smith Lake

    Episode 8

    Gerald Swindle, 2-Time Bassmaster Angler of the Year and a member of Mossy Oak’s Fishing Team, shares his evolution as a professional bass fisherman. He discusses the first tournament he ever competed in and how his life has never been the same since.

    Swindle is filmed in his element on Lewi...

  • Jordan Lee • Bass Fishing Alabama

    Episode 9

    Jordan Lee, 2017 Bassmaster Classic Champion, 2013 Bassmaster College Champion and top-ten finisher for Angler of the Year, fishes his home state of Alabama. He shares his history with the sport of bass fishing, beginning with high school through college to present day.

    Lee explains that the...

  • Randall Shaw • Redfish in Louisiana

    Episode 10

    In the Louisiana marsh country east of New Orleans and south of where any roads may go, Capt. Randall Shaw and his fellow guides specialize in good times and great fishing, putting clients on limits of big redfish in every month of the year. Shaw's business, Louisiana Fishing Charters, was founde...

  • Mark Davis • Redfish in South Carolina

    Episode 11

    Mark Davis of BigWater Adventures is a well-known saltwater fisherman. In this episode of Elements, he goes back to his old stomping grounds in Charleston, South Carolina, to catch redfish. He tells his fishing story from stick and line to his current affliction with saltwater fishing. He says it...

  • The Grinder • KVD Bassmaster Classic

    Episode 12

    This episode takes us to Pennsylvania for the 2005 Bassmaster Classic at Three Rivers.

  • Big River Bowfishing • Big Southern Carp

    Episode 13

    Chuck Belmore and Jon Justice of The Habit TV share their obsession for the fast-growing sport of bowfishing.

  • The Payoff • KVD Bassmaster Classic

    Episode 14

    This episode takes us to Alabama for the 2010 Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham.

  • Remember When • KVD Bassmaster Classic

    Episode 15

    Kevin explains how he wants the 2019 Bassmaster Classic to be the best it can be and reminisces.

  • The Waiting Game • KVD Bassmaster Classic

    Episode 16

    This episode takes us to Louisiana for the 2001 Bassmaster Classic in Louisiana Delta.

  • Summer Fishing-Fishing Tips • Fishing and Hunting Texas

    Episode 17

    Fishing during the summer can be tough. Here are some tips from Pro Angler and Show Host Clark Wendlandt to make the most out of your summer fishing.

  • One Of Those Days • KVD Bassmaster Classic

    Episode 18

    This episode takes us to Louisiana for the 2011 Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans.

  • Summer Bass Fishing Patterns •KVD Fishing Tips

    Episode 19

    Bass will go to where the best food source is at that time of the year. Bass will move with the bait fish, so know when those bait fish spawn and where they are. After the shad spawn, the bass will start to move deeper as the shad move deeper where cooler water is. The bass always relate to struc...

  • 2018 Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Day 1 • Collegiate Bass Fishing

    Episode 20

    The Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series presents Day 1 of the 2018 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Cabela's! Collegiate anglers from across the nation gather on Florence, Alabama's Lake Pickwick to compete for the title of BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing National Cham...

  • Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series Overview • Collegiate Bass Fishing

    Episode 21

    In its 12th season, the Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is the best collegiate tournament trail around! Find out what anglers and partners are saying, as well as more about the Cabela's School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia race, and the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing National ...

  • 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Day 1 • Collegiate Bass Fishing

    Episode 22

    Only best of the best collegiate bass fishing anglers qualify to compete in the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing CHAMPIONSHIP presented by Cabela's that takes place on Pickwick Lake, Florence, Alabama. Check out Day 1 action and find out who will be in the lead as they head out for the final ...

  • 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Day 2 • Collegiate Bass Fishing

    Episode 23

    The biggest event of the year in collegiate bass fishing is the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing CHAMPIONSHIP and we're here to find out who will be crowned National Champions at Pickwick Lake, Florence, Alabama, as well as who the coveted Cabela's School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia ti...

  • Offshore Fishing • Locating and Fishing Rips, Weedlines and Color Changes

    Episode 24

    When you come across a distinct color change offshore, you’ll have different species of fish meeting there. There are different kinds of bait fish and predatory fish gathering there where temperature, current or color change holds those fish. It becomes a two-lane highway where predatory fish are...