Fisherman's Handbook

Fisherman's Handbook

2 Seasons

Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook™ hosted by Wade Middleton continues the tradition of showcasing top fishing destinations while featuring educational fishing tips provided by touring pros, guides, and industry representatives. Every episode features the latest techniques and products available to anglers, ensuring that each show episode is informative for first time anglers as well as seasoned tournament pros.

Fisherman's Handbook
  • An Alabama Fishing Adventure • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 1

    Wade Middleton and Pro Angler Clark Wendlandt venture out to Wilson Lake, Alabama - a lake they've frequented in the past and usually fish shallow; check out their fishing success as they also fish near the dam and then go fish the tail race. A great episode with lots of techniques and catches!

  • East Texas Bassin • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 2

    We love fishing the lakes of East Texas! Awesome lakes filled with big bass - we'll visit two of our go-to lakes: Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Toledo Bend Reservoir. We also look back on a trip with Pro Angler Mark Daniels when fishing the Canyons on Sam Rayburn.

  • Texas Saltwater Adventure • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook we hit the salty waters of the Texas coast for a fishing adventure where we don't care what's biting at the end of the line. We'll also learn about some awesome new tools to help you fish better.

  • Ice Fishing and Boat Electronics For The Best Performance • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 4

    This is our first venture out for Ice Fishing! Armed with the Garmin PanOptix for ice fishing and some planning and prep that we usually don't have to do when we fish, we're guaranteed a great experience. Then we'll share tried and true tips for setting up your boat's electronics for the best p...

  • Gearing Up For Fishing • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 5

    Want to know our favorite gear to use when we head out to go fishing? Whether it's just for fun or for a tournament, Wade Middleton and Clark Wendlandt talk about choosing the right rods and reels, as well as share tips and insight on all the gear needed and new products from our favorite compan...

  • Finding Fish as Seasons Change • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 6

    It's all about finding fish in this episode of Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook -- we spend time in the Spring, Summer, and Fall on same body of water and look at how it fishes differently each time in the same areas.

  • Choosing a Bait for Fishing • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook we take a look at how to choose baits for various fishing situations as well as how to rig them to help you catch more fish.

  • Sometimes It's Good to be Lucky • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 8

    In this episode we spend time on the water with the winners of a recent Texas Parks and Wildlife giveaway promotion sponsored by Cabela's and then we dig deeper in little things that will help you catch more fish.

  • Ranger Boats Celebrates 50 years • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 9

    Ranger boats is celebrating 50 years of building legends one at a time. Wade provides a walk through of his 50th anniversary boat, highlighting the specific features he likes and how he has his boat set up. In the second half of the show Wade is fishing on Amistad Reservoir with Gene Eisenmann ...

  • Fishing Sam Rayburn Reservoir • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 10

    Sam Rayburn is known as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country. Wade visits this famous body of water during the late winter as the fish are approaching the pre-spawn period. The fish are feeding up as warming temperatures and storms move through the area. Watch as Wade capitalizes ...

  • Big Water and Little Boats • Fisherman's Handbook

    Episode 11

    In this episode we spend time on the water fishing from a smaller boat and motor set up while also learning more on shallow water bass fishing with Jeff Kriet and Wade Middleton as they fish a lake from their past.